I'm looking for some summer work shoes that meet a fairly specific set of criteria, and I'm hoping some of you might have suggestions!

My organization is in the PNW and has a very casual dress code overall. However, as a manager, I often need and want to dress more formally. In general, that means business casual - the more casual end for regular days and the more formal end for days with important meetings or presentations.

Right now my summer work shoes are:
Halogen Kayla Pointy Toe Flats
Cobb Hill Aubrey
Banana Republic Giah

The d'Orsay flats and the sandals are fine for more casual days, and I'll wear the nude pumps on more formal days. What I'd love is an in between workhorse option that isn't at hot and sweaty as regular pumps, but that is bit more formal and less open than d'Orsay styles and strappy sandals. Ideally they would have a closed toe but still be ventilated in some fashion; a modest heel (about 2 to 2.5"); and work on wide, fussy feet. Most of what I've found have been flats, open-toed, or too casual. Anyone have ideas that might work for me?