i love my troentorps in navy-- thanks @kellygirl

the svens look fab on your feet.

@Bj1111 always happy to help!! haha! I love mine too.

Fun clogs and thread! I like the first two the best - let us know which you choose!!

Love this clog thread!! All of your choices look nice. I'm also partial to the first two. Really liking the Svens and wanting some for myself as well. Love your taste in clogs and if you go with the Svens I'd love to hear your thoughts. Cute and fun selections! Beginning to feel as if i'm now one of the clog girls!!

Love the Svens on you! Patent leather seems just right. And I didn't realize they were navy till I read what you wrote. Nice!

I like the twist detail on the Frye's- though you said they were too big!