There have been checks of bags at stadiums, etc to make people dump prohibited food & drink for ages. It’s human to want to escape reality, especially when it is as awful as it is.

This is not so much sad as it is ridiculous. And it becomes the new normal only because people (sheeple) accept it as such. If there was enough pushback, the new rule would disappear faster than you can say oops. But most people don’t push back. Instead they buy a cute clear bag. Because having your freedom curtailed is so much better when you can carry a cute bag.

That’s very white of you, Alex

What do you suggest Alexandra? Not going, refusing a bag search?

Sal, both and more. If I knew ahead of time, not going and letting the organizers know why. If I didn’t know, then refusal (and refund request if applicable). Obviously this works best when there are other people standing their ground as well and letting the organizers know in no uncertain terms why they’re not buying tickets, etc. Mass boycott would let venue operators know they’ve crossed the line.

Alexandra, read a newspaper and you’ll that it isn’t event planners or venue managers who have crossed the line. The US averages more than 1 mass shooting (4 or more people, not counting the assailant, killed) a day.

Right, but the solution is getting guns off the streets and out of people’s homes, not telling people to bring their stuff in clear bags.