I am in doubt whether I should purchase these slip ons that Angie recommended. I like the minimalist style and I love nude-ish shoes for spring summer for their leg lengthening effect under skirts and dresses. I have been playing with the idea of creating a blush complement, and found two possibly matching bags from Clarks that would fill my vacant spot for a summer work bag.

Here’s what’s keeping me: I really should allocate my remaining budget for the season to a brown leather bag that matches my new lace up shoes, a pair of (ankle) pants and some lightweight / layering tops. Those are things that I have been missing constantly since the weather
has warmed up.

Here’s what’s pushing me to buy regardless: I’m making do without said wardrobe holes anyway, getting some more use out of older stuff, and I know the blush items would be workhorses as well. (Oh, to have unlimited budget!). The shoes are starting to sell out here in certain sizes too.

Any thoughts?

To Angie and others that own these Clarks shoes:

- are they as good as Angie says? comfy, stylish, versatile?

- would you describe them as blush or are they more beige?

- do you think the bags I added are a good enough color match to start a complement?

To those that have seen some of my WIW’s: do you think these shoes would enhance my style?

Clarks Pure Tone
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