Sounds like you are good to go Suz! Have a wonderful trip! And it's not airing your dirty laundry! You've cleaned it by then! ; )

I'm late, so no advice (what I`d have said you are already doing) just wanted to say bon voyage!<br><br>Oh, ok, I have some advice. :)<br>Any chance you have any Teva`s or Keen`s or waterproof Ecco's? I know, not the most fashion forward things in the world, but I think they'd be a much better choice than two pairs of silver sandals. I'd just hate to see them get ruined in the rain. My Ecco Yucatan's are the most comfortable, practical sandals, ever. I will never be without them...

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Have a great time, be safe, looking forward to the photos.

Great. You are sorted. Have a safe and super trip. Much love to you.

Everyone has said everything already (I was a little late getting up this morning ) but I could not imagine travelling like that with only 2 pair of shoes. I'd definitely be including another closed toe lightweight sneakerish thing.

And I agree with the others re: jeans. Even the denim jacket. Both seem heavy to me and not needed in that kind of climate. I'm admiring your courage in including so much white - but you know yourself, so if it can stay fresh-looking , then go for it!

All this aside, you have a ton of great new pieces here - cute Zara tops etc. Intrigued by the Aritizia jacketish kimono thing. Curious to see it on . (I can't go back and look to see if it's part of your photos or I'll lose my post ).

Anyways, have a fantastic time!

I am also too late for the advice and you are sorted already. Lovely capsule (also noticing quite a few new pieces here). Extra pair of shoes seems the right thing to do - especially if you have waterproof shoes. There might be a good reason why people in that region wear rubber flip flops - they may be pretty practical in the tropical downpour. In the worst case you can get a pair there

No advice to add here, but that looks like a great extended travel capsule. Casual and hot-weather-friendly, but still definitely polished.

Also just wanted to say to have a wonderful trip! And I forget whether I offered congrats on going back to grad school, etc. It all sounds really exciting!

Wow, wow, wow! With the extra pair of shoes I think you are totally set. I completely feel for you - I would be a stomach churning mix of excitement and anxiety right now, especially about sharing a room with a stranger. I am going to vicariously enjoy your adventure though and can't wait to see what comes out of it both short and long term. You are probably almost on your way. Bon voyage! Have an amazing time!

Safe travels, Susan!! Love your capsule. Seems you're all sorted now. Must say #5 is amazing and seems like the breeziest, coolest option for the heat to me. Great shorts!! Look forward to update along the way. Take care

Just saw your post and am late to be sharing capsule input. Just want to wish you a wonderful trip and great experiences while you are there. Your photos showcase perfect outfits that address your needs. Bon voyage! I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

I'm too late to provide input (my only other thought was to pack a pair of socks to use as bedroom slippers, or a pair of flip flops). Just wanted to say, have a great time! I am bookmarking your thread because it's a great capsule for a 2+ week carry on trip. I know you put a lot of thought into this list and it will be so useful for me when I need it (may be a few years still but I can dream).

I hope you have a great time. We may be going to China this next year so I'll be watching your posts about your trip.

My experience in a foreign land: A couple years ago we visited Istanbul. It was quite unlike home. We live in a desert, and Istanbul is surrounded by water. At home, wet things dry very quickly. For example, in summer, sheets dry in an hour on the clothesline. Istanbul was extremely humid. I washed some underclothes by hand and they didn't dry for TWO DAYS. This was quite a surprise, because I needed to wear those clothes! Anyway, you're probably more used to humidity than me so you won't be taken by surprise.

Bon voyage, Suz!