Other than letting my hair sometimes get long between cuts and angling it more or less, I try to change it up by changing the part...left, right, middle, or straight back. I wish it could be curly as well as straight, but this hair will be super straight within an hour of any attempt at curl.

I've actually been growing my hair out so that I can create more varied looks, like the blogger. The problem is, I'm not very good at it, and I have very little energy to spend on hair styling. My hair is naturally wavy too, and I find that if I am going to do a soft-curls look like the blogger, I have to blow dry my hair straight first and then go at it with a curling iron--I can't just let it air dry, because the wave ruins the soft-curls look. So that makes do's like that labor intensive. But once I get my hair grown out another inch or two, I can pull it back in various ways, which will mean a greater variety of looks with (I'm hoping) less effort.

Joy, I have heard that if you have straight hair and want it to hold a curl, you have to do it the old-fashioned way, with a wet setting in curlers and letting it air dry. Is that something you've tried? I think that E does her hair like this on occasion and gets good results.

The blogger's hair is gorgeous and I'm very impressed that she does her own colour. I second Adelpha's recommendation of checking out The Small Things Blog for hair tutorials. I also recommend The Beauty Department for hair ideas, tutorials and advice/reviews of hair products and tools.

A month ago I had my hair cut and coloured (I get partial highlights every three months). My hair is fine textured and very straight but there's quite a bit of it. I did have some face-framing layers that I'm am now growing out. My hair is also long-ish. In an attempt to hasten the growing out process, I had my hair cut shorter than usual and I didn't like it. So I went to these websites to get some tips on how to style it differently. Although I still often wear my hair straight, I'm also, more frequently than ever before, curling it. I'm trying to perfect the loose wave. What I like about the hair style is that it lasts. I wear my hair down more days in a row with it curled. When it's straight I generally wear it up the second day (I wash it every other day and use a dry shampoo). I've found that curling it takes no time at all and I feel like I get big pay off. I also like how my highlights look with the texture of curls/waves.

So the short answer is that I do like changing up the look of my hair with different styling options but this is a recent change!