I’m appreciating that pants silhouettes are becoming looser and longer, with more wide leg and full length options. I added another pair of wide leg jeans to my wardrobe after realizing that this is one of my preferred silhouettes now (the other is boyfriend jeans). I realized with some closet work over the weekend that I still have a number of “straight legs” that fit me more like skinnies (touching or even hugging the calves a bit), and I’m not rushing to cull them (the wearing season hasn’t even started yet), but they’re on notice. They may come in handy getting tucked into tall boots this winter.

However, my issue with finding some wide-leg NON-jean options is that rises are still quite high and many styles are pleated, neither of which works for me. Or I’ll find a good style and it’s $600.

Has anyone seen such a magical animal as a somewhat casual wide-leg trouser, full-length, mid rise, no pleats, not too fancy or office-y looking? Perhaps in grey or burgundy, not just black? My usual haunts don’t turn up much.

I do have these Theory trousers from a few years ago that I love. The rise is a little long, but somehow they are cut so that the fit works for me without the weird extra fabric in the crotch that I so often get with high rises. They’re also lightweight and drapey, without being clingy or too thin, which helps. These are a bit on the dressy side, but I might try wearing them with sneakers to dress them down.