Spring is always the trickiest season for me. We have a long, wet and cool spring. I always fall down a rabbit hole trying to plan a spring wardrobe. In fact, I think that's how I first found YLF!

I had an aha moment this morning. I'd been playing with finds and looking at catalogs thinking about a spring capsule. But then I a different idea. The challenge of spring for me is staying warm and handling wet weather, while meeting my need for color and not feeling out place on the glorious sun breaks we get - sometimes on the same day as rain storms.

So, instead of creating a capsule, I went through my finds and pulled out anything that caught my eye that screamed spring and that I think I could put an outfit around. That outfit can pull from anything in my wardrobe. I keep all my clothes out and I'm a large wardrobe person, so there's lot to choose from and I love the creative energy of pulling together an outfit once I have a direction.

What I'm going to try on days when I'm stuck is picking one item from this collection. Then I'll add warm layers, light layers, darker colors, practical shoes--whatever the day takes.

Is spring tricky for you? How do you handle it? Should I post outfits to this thread to see if this is working?

P.S. This collection is bigger than shown - if you click through you you can see it includes shoes and scarves as well.