Another evil idea would be to challenge Angie to come up with a bombshell outfit I personally cannot even imagine it, so I would be very curious to see what Angie can come up with.

I love the idea of an outfit inspired by a designer line for fall, but then we have to pick an interesting designer? Or shall we leave that to Angie?

Also, it might be interesting to ask Angie to demonstrate us how to tweak the same basic outfit idea to from a youthful to a more mature look. Yes, Angie is young, but still, there are some changes that we do (or want to do) in the way we dress as we hit 30 or 35 or something like that. I would be very curious to see a visual example.

BTW, is this really an American-English thing to refer to a person as "she" while this person is right in front of you? I think it is more a forum-induced situation, where you cannot be sure who is on the forum right now, and hence is virtually "in front of you". I am quite sure that in a real group discussion, nobody refers to another member of the group who is standing right there as "he" or "she", only by their names. Am I wrong?

My mother, who was English, used to say "SHE is the cat's mother." It was a way of reminding me to be polite and use the person's name!

This is fun! So many great ideas. Here's another one for consideration:

One of the things that attracted me to YLF is it's global community. I love hearing from members around the globe. Angie, as we all know, has traveled extensively and has reported back to us on style from many different cities. Angie has also blogged on her top five stylish cities:

1. Hong Kong
2. London
3. New York
4. Barcelona
5. Paris

I think it would be fun to challenge Angie to come up with a "global outfit" taking inspiration and including elements from all five cities. We could give Angie the option of making one substitution if she would like, but that substitution must be a city that Angie has traveled to and reported back on. For instance, Angie could substitute Tel Aviv for London. Angie's outfit must have five separate elements representing the five cities chosen, incorporated into one outfit.

I envision an outfit combining, say, New York chic and Parisian sophistication with the fashion forwardness of Hong Kong, and the earthiness of Tel Aviv, etc.

I don't know about combining so many things in an outfit such as "all fall trends" or "all five cities". I think that might be a bit cumbersome and almost impossible. I like all the ideas so far but opt for simplifying. Maybe 2 trends or 2 cities. Hong Kong and Paris? I also still like the designer idea. Whatever we decide this will be fun!

(HannaC: not addressing a person by their full name while they are present and in front of you happens often here in the US. It is not considered impolite at all. My friends do it all the time! It’s not a forum thing. It’s just a different way of culturally using the same language. I did not mention it here to citicize. YLF is a global place and I'm facinated by it's integrity. That's all! I have plenty of other interesting examples too).

I feel the need to share something right away just in case you bark up that tree and waste time: it’s not a good idea to address anything that has to do with “age boundaries”. People are EXTREMELY sensitive about this topic – and remember that my challenge will probably end up becoming a blog post. Hope that makes sense.

Why can't we unite Joy's and Marlene's ideas, i.e. Combine a certain number of upcoming fall trends in a way that's evocative of a particular
designer? Maybe five would be too tall an order with the designer element thrown in, but I'm sure Angie could swing two or three.
Also, if we want to up the challenge ante a bit, I'd avoid Chanel, as Angie has repeatedly said she goes for a Chanel aesthetic and probably has some of those looks readily available. I'm sure there are other designers who have a similar vibe that could have some appeal, though. Afterall, we want her to lie the result and have confidence wearing it out, as we all have!
Btw, wrote that whole shpiel before seeing the global challenge, which is also a great idea. Maybe Jean's idea of two global looks could be united with a designer inspiration, too?

So many good ideas here. I particularly like Debora's, of creating looks reminiscent of Angie's "most stylish" cities. Maybe she could choose one or two of those top five and do it that way? (Personally, I'm dying to see an "Angie" take on London style. It would be particularly interesting because when I think of London style, it's all 17-year-old girls with crazy layers, vintage clothes and messy hair. It would be fantastic to see Angie do this in her trademark super-sophisticated way.)

I also like the idea of a designer-inspired outfit. We know that Angie is interested in high fashion and follows it closely, but YLF is more about wearable trends that have trickled down. As a fellow high-fashion follower who used to be in the biz, I would LOVE to see Angie do something very directional. Sort of a runway/realway thing.

I just wanted to say that I am totally intrigued by the idea of challenging Angie. I don't have any interesting ideas but I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

What about challenging Angie to take one outfit and transform it three ways to reflect the style of her three favorite global cities?

OOh, that is a good one Laura.

not sure if you ladies have seen this...

She is wearing one dress everyday for a year, changing the look using accessories and other clothing, but the dress is always in her outfits. Pretty interesting.

Perhaps we could challenge Angie to something like this...Choose one main element and see how many different looks she could get out of it?

No good ideas but can't wait to see the results! Angie is such a risk taker while also being very aware of what works on her so I am curious whether she can truly be challenged!!!

Umm this is going to be tough to challenge Angie because she challenges herself all the time.
I do not have any good ideas yet but I just wanted to pipe up and say that I am following this and maybe I can contribute some ideas as this unfolds.
It would be amazing to see Angie dressed to the nines as if she is going to the Oscars. It would also be fun to see Angie in a hip hop street look or channel an entertainer.

I think that it would be funny to challange Angie to come with an outfit that incorporates one or two fall tendencies but with a limited budget... this would enable us to copy the outifit with a minimum effort!

Good one, Rute! You could even take it one step further and have Angie come up with two outfits. One a designer outfit incorporating the fall trends and the other showing us how to get the same look on a budget. Basically, combining your idea with Joy's and Marlene's.

On second thought, this might impose too many restrictions on Angie. I think Rute had it right the first time.

Loads of interesting ideas floating around! At what point is there going to be consensus?

Hee, I was wondering the same thing, Angie.

I say we put in a list the 3 most popular ideas, then vote.


loved your ideia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!