I signed up for Angie’s closet edit because I knew with the change of seasons there would be things from summer I’d want to weed out and also some assessment of items as they came out of storage (mostly sweaters).

I edit fairly regularly. I do not like to weed through layers of stuff to get to what I want. I have a medium sized walk-in closet that I share with DH. My stuff takes up about 40% of the closet. I have pretty straight forward wardrobe needs. My work and casual clothes are one in the same. I do like to wear loungewear around the house and I have some specialty gear items that I only use for those activities. I live in four season climate and do not like to see shorts in winter and heavy sweaters in summer. The two larger boxes house those off-season items at the top of my closet.

I’m donating 64 pieces from this edit. They cross many wardrobe categories - shoes, accessories, summer/winter bottoms and tops. I finally got rid of some things I was hanging on to but not wearing. I won’t go through why I got rid of each individual item but the general reasons were: looking scruffy, stretched out or developed holes, no longer fit, mistakes.

The first two sets of reasons I don’t worry about. Much of that is beyond my control. It’s the mistakes I’d like to ruminate about a bit.

This was a heavy edit as I refreshed my denim capsule late this summer for fall/winter. I had some success with denim at BR and decided to strike while the iron was hot. As a result, I’ve let go of all but two pairs of older jeans.

I’ll admit I’ve still hung onto a couple of things I’m just not sure about. I’ll have to give myself a secondary challenge of figuring out how to wear those items or pass them on. I think I’ll give myself until the end of the month to do that.

I did not review jewelry. I have very little. I think I’ll tackle that one closer to the holidays when I’ll be actually using some of it.

At quick count I now have about l00 items that I’d wear out of the house not including outerwear or gear.

Below are some of the items I’ll donate.

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