Sigh. IF it is the smaller part.

Mine is the Sketchers hidden wedges. The heel is too high for an all day shoe. I only wear them a few times a year, but I do love them.

Not sure what I have that's truly impractical (okay, so maybe the silk sleeveless polka dot top that I've only worn twice counts as one item - and the statement necklace that I've only worn once but still love to look at) - but viva needs to wear that elephant skirt asap!!!

This is actually a hard one! I have spent the last three years developing a wardrobe that I suppose is 'practical' - mix and match, wear anywhere etc. My immediate thought is my Laura Ashley draped dress. It is probably a more special occasion dress but by virtue of being quite dressy there are limited opportunities to wear it. It's too dressy for work (but I have worn it to work lol) and it can actually be too much for some dressy occasions. It doesn't seem to fit obviously into any particular capsule.

I am not sure either.

Occasion wear is not exactly practical but it fills a vital place in the closet.

I have about five sheer tops, that need layering underneath. I always think that is unpractical but I like how they look.

Fun thread! I think I would put two items in this category: my leopard booties from Sofft and my Topshop nude and black lace dress.

I bought the leopard booties completely on a whim a few years ago, back when I first started getting interested in personal style. It was my first "whim" purchase with regard to clothing, so the booties are still very dear to me! They make me feel sexy and confident. They are impractical because my climate doesn't allow for much bootie time. The first part of fall is pretty warm--too warm for booties--but the second part, although cool, is quite rainy. Then six months of winter sets in, and I don't wear heels at all due to fears of slipping on ice. So I only get to wear them a few times per year.

I also recently bought a very impractical dress. It's very short and very bodycon. I wanted something very sexy in my closet in case an event came up where I needed such a thing. It didn't cost too much as far as dresses go, and it really makes me look good!

Here's mine. I only wear it about once or twice a year but I love it! It was an op shop purchase, so not extravagent, though expensive by op shop standards.

Blue feathered mohawk headdress!

I'm thinking, I really am. But I can't think of a thing in my wardrobe that's truly impractical. I think for me, it's more of an impractical mindset in general rather than specific items. For example, I dress more formally for work than necessary, just because it makes me feel good and I love beautiful clothes.

Does that count?

i have zero impractical items in my wordrobe. I'm probably the poster child for "practical" . I think my grade school teachers even wrote that on my report cards! "Sarah is a very practical child". I have a purple sheath dress and black strappy heels that I bought for a fall wedding that I knew I would probably only wear this side of never. But I had to have something to wear to the weddding. Turns out I wore it another time for an award ceremony for my husband. So practical...still has a purpose.

I am so practical that.....insert joke here.....haha.......I got dirt for my birthday.......actually true story - I ordered 3 way soil mix for my vegetable garden. I still really enjoy that dirt! But fashion.....hard for me. I do enjoy fashion and would love to dress up and be "impractable" for a change! ....if only I had someplace to go!

This is a fun discussion but I've only recently started embracing practical items in my wardrobe, so I don't need encouragement!

Where to

Probably the most impractical thing in my wardrobe is these shoes. I wore them once to a wedding to contrast with an acid yellow lace very feminine style dress. I was in intense pain after about 30 mins, but wow, they looked fab!! They are now pride of place decorating the top of my bedroom cupboard.

The other is a hat I bought for no reason apart from the fact that I loved it. It was in a local thrift store and begging me to buy it. I may never wear it. Oh well....nevermind...

Definitely my BCBG blazer from the Boston gathering. It doesn't get a ton of wear, but adore it and it brings back happy memories!

Karie, I dispute thee!!

That blazer has received a lot of wear, as evidenced by WIW photos. So it was more impractical in imagination than in fact.

Besides, it had a very practical result. It taught you what good fit is and now you will not stand for less.

SO FUN. Thanks for sharing, ladies.

By the way - to Suz's point - your impractical wardrobe items CAN get a lot of wear. All my white footwear, bags and outwear do.

For me, it's always been impractical shoes. These Mark Jacobs spectator Mary Janes from circa 2006, seen in a fashion mag and tracked down at Bergdorfs on a trip to New York (#1/2). I was is a feminine phase (shocking, I know) and I used to wear them to work quite often. Nowadays, it's my AG sequin oxfords. Oxymoronic, the practicality of oxfords with sequins! They remind me of dragon scales though!

This is a hard one. I do buy impractical items but I am not sure which ones are really impractical. For example dresses for weddings or special events are not really impractical because what else am I going to wear? I guess for those events I tend to go out more on a limb than I need to. I like to get something that is really different and special.

Three years ago my stepson got married and I looked for months for a dress. The wedding was in June. I wanted a really special dress. One day we were driving down the street and my DH spotted a dress in a window and pointed in out to me. It was lime green (almost citron), fitted bodice, balloon skirt with a zipper up the front. I tried it on and loved it. DH loved it. So I bought this dress and I sure made a statement. All the other women in the family wore dark blue except me.

Mine is a white linen midi skirt. it is perfect for hot summer day wear, but actually I do not have any place to wear it.

I am like Sarah...totally practical...I do have this dress I bought for a formal night on a cruise but I bought I because I thought I would be able to wear it more often than a formal gown, very practical!

Adore these white sandals (sorry don't have a better pic) but heel height makes them 100% impractical.

Odd as it sounds, for me impractical means any garment in black because of the upkeep due to having dogs and cats. I wear a lot of black, and because I have a light gray Persian Cat and fawn and black pugs, all of which shed constantly, I also have about six sticky tape rollers in my house, car, at my office when I used to work outside the home, etc. But I love my black pants, skirts and coats, so I keep wearing them, and picking off the furry clumps.

I am, for the most part, a very practical person. My wardrobe is filled with items designed to play well with others and see hard and long use. Not a lot of "fun" items in my wardrobe; not a lot of whimsy. Definitely NOTHING highly formal or party-ish as I have no where to wear those items.

All my white and near white blazers, shirts, and outerwear (lots of dry cleaning after one or two wearings.) Many "sitting at my desk" shoes. Tee shirts that have sequins or other embellishments that make them delicate care items for casual wear.

I missed this thread somehow, and just suggested on Suz's Rebecca-Taylor-dress thread that someone bring this subject up for discussion! (Thanks, Angie.) I really think that impractical items provide the poetry in a wardrobe; I would hate to have nothing but prosy clothes!

These. They're a safety hazard: my legs are nowhere near as long as this model's so the combo of heels + the ultra flared fabric grabbing my legs means DH spends a lot of time picking me out the gutter. They're not flattering but they are ridiculously fun to wear.

Your items are all so fabulous and inspirational!

My impractical items are fancy dresses, because I didn't think I'd need them -- but I keep finding excuses to wear them. There's a silk dress I bought at the last minute for a wedding, thinking I didn't really need it, and I've worn it to so many weddings that it's becoming embarrassing to realize how many facebook photos - from different events - show me in it!

Two beautiful white jackets (Sandro and Smythe) that I'm afraid to get highlighter pen marks on.

For me it is the Chanel 1955 bag I bought with some of the money I inherited from my parents. I bought it in 2003, I think. It is such a lovely thing, but I've kicked myself many times for not spending a couple hundred more on it and getting the larger size. It is a bit small for my hands, doesn't hold that much, and I feel dressed up in it, so it doesn't come out much. The SA warned me that it "wasn't an every day bag," as the leather is easily marred.

I bought a second bag this year in a larger size, and I've carried it more times in six months than I have the original through all the years I've owned it. I even thought of selling the first bag, but then I think about how thrilled my Mom would be if she knew I had it.

Impractical items you can't let go of! I have them. Although Angie you have helped me a great deal in better selecting pieces that would become workhorses and clearing my closet from lots of unsustainable attires.

I am curious to know what makes your jumpsuit impractical to you. It sure looks gorgeous and you are fab fab fab in it. It highlights your very graceful silhouette.

One impractical item for me is a vintage 1970's Moroccan embroidery blue cotton maxi wrap skirt and its triangular cropped top, very similar to this one. It used to be my Mom's. I think she paid a lot of money for it at a high end store. I can actually recall her wearing it at garden parties, as I was so small I would look upward at her. Eventually she passed it on to me some 20 years ago, to my joy, however I have never found one occasion to wear it. It was altered at a high cost twice throughout the years, the last time being earlier this summer, to fit my changing body. Yet I have still to wear it! The reason why it's impractical is that it's not suited for our Canadian weather at all, except maybe during a summerheat wave, and when that happens there are so many other choices of things to wear before I come to this one that it never gets its chance off its hanger.

My 5" Manolo sling back stilettos hear their name being called...