LOL. I end up doing this with my satchels to save my back. I had no idea I was so cutting edge!

Not for me. Do not need any more muscle-tightening, shoulder-hunching style that I would need to keep a larger bag in tow like this. Misses the point of handbag proportion/accessorizing, IMO. (Note: Thick style filter at work; exercise caution for your own life.)

I can see "being the boss of your handbag" and smooshing or wearing it how you like, so more power to you if you can arrange it in a way that looks fresh and different.

I also think fashionistas have a diabolical sense of humor and may want to see how many lemmings get on board regardless of how impractical....

I'll be admiring this trend on other gals. It does look cool, but wouldn't work for me. My hands and wrists wouldn't be happy with that extra bit of wear and tear. Plus I like to have my hands free rather than juggling a purse while I shop. Also - and I don't want to be a wet blanket - but I think it may be easier for a purse-snatcher to grab a clutch than a cross-body purse or shoulder-strap purse.