Hi everyone! I'm going to California this weekend - it's a whirlwind 5-day trip split between an amusement park trip in SoCal and visiting family in the Bay Area. We'd always planned to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain for our 5th anniversary (roller coasters are romantic for us). But we wanted to visit my husband's grandparents, who won't be with us forever as they're in their 90s. The temps will be 60's to 70's during the day and down into the 50's at night. In addition to the park, activities include a semi-nice anniversary meal, a light hike, a family dinner (with fairly casual people) and maybe pool/hot tub.

I used the capsule ability on the forum to help me plan my outfits, and thought it would be fun to share.
I couldn't add everything yet as Loft's site is down, and some of the stuff is too old. Not pictured: blue drapey cardigan, lavender tee (will double for sleeping), hot pink/purple memory foam Sketchers (for the amusement park and light hiking), chambray button down top (good for layering), blue skinny jeans, scarf, light grey rollup jeans.

I do try to pack light, but I also like options. I plan to wear the black jeans, which are a bit large on me and thus super comfy, and the wrap on the flights. The red dress I plan to wear as a tunic over jeans or swimsuit coverup.The other dress is for my anniversary, as we plan to find a semi-nice restaurant that is not inside Six Flags that night.

I am also toying with bringing a leather moto jacket in addition to the utility jacket shown below. Or should I not bring it, and just bring one heavier sweatshirt for night time? I know it's going to be unusually cool in Southern California on the two days I plan to be there Fri & Sat), and the Bay Area is going to be about the same.