LOL, unbelievable!

I love most types of jeans but this is just wrong .

So glad I read the reviews! This made my day.

I am with The Cat. I couldn’t find the reviews even when I clicked through from the Find? Maybe they’re not on the international site?

HA, HA, HA! This is just the best, Diana, you made my day

Well, figures. I liked them immediately and would gladly wear them.

I first saw them in this article showing three pair and did think they looked great. Commenters there mainly focused on an anguished Why?

Could someone provide a link to those funny reviews, please?

They are for real right? I would feel stupid in anything like that. But I am getting tired of skinnies. I will still wear the ones I have, but no new purchases of them for now. I am looking forward to wearing my straights and new bootcuts. Also wering my two pairs of wide legs now.

I've never laughed so hard at reviews! This is hilarious. A joke somewhere, that all the reviewers were in on? This has to be a joke. The address doesn't show as the NM website actually. If this is an actual item I would say the buyer involved might be unemployed soon!

It looks like a manufacturing defect :D, better be half price