Button downs with draped fabric, yes. For the past several years I wore them over pants and skirts; I’ve recently started tucking them

Crisp button downs, not so much. I felt I had a wardrobe hole for a crisp white button down and bought a new one over a year ago. I may have worn it once. I’ve taken it out and tried styling it various ways, but always end up putting it back and choosing something else.

Can't imagine life without buttondowns! Oxford cloth, chambray, denim, silk, linen, flannel ... You can make them look dressy, casual, prim, sexy; oversized or fitted. Great to front-tuck, they can be the star of the outfit OR the top that lets a statement bottom shine. I feel most like myself in a buttondown shirt!

I just realized that I have not worn crisp buttondowns for awhile, but do wear silky ones in a semi-tuck with rolled sleeves, layered usually. I feel the fashion is about to turn back to them. We have had draped knits for too long. Usually the direct opposite will become the style, like wide pants after skinnies, midi lengths look fresh after minis, etc. it is time when structure will look fresh and different again soon, so hold onto your shirts

I too prefer softer, silkier fabrications rather than crisp. I don't mind if they are deliberately wider in the body if that means no gaps at the chest and no clinging at the mid section.

Assuming I can find one that fits, I prefer to wear them when my hair is shorter. Because my neck is short and my shoulders straight and broad, it can be too much going on at the neckline, between collar and hair and shoulders. I also like collars that lay flat.

I do find they're really difficult to layer under anything. Again it just seems to add more bulk around the neck where I don't want it.

I have a love hate relationship with button downs - love the way the look on others, hate them on me!

I keep a white, a chambray and a flannel for layering, but every time I go for anything else it ends up just being closet filler.

Kudos to those who can wear them - I'll keep admiring from afar.

By and large, button downs do not fit, nor do they flatter my shape. They make me feel like I do when I wear my most unflattering colors. They bind my shoulders and biceps, and they don’t fit my lifestyle. So, other than that I love them on me.

Love a loose fit button down with an extra button undone. Plain neutrals in high quality linen or cotton or silk. No patterns except animal print for me, although I do have one floral Equipment one. Always stylish with denim and a standout shoe, sandal or bootie. They are great for the summer in Australia offering good sun protection with the long sleeve and collar.

I will echo everyone and say they are hard to find and fit, but I do love the options you get with one. You can wear them with a shirt under, you can wear them with a sweater over and get that pop of a different color or even pattern at the sleeve, collar, and hem. You can roll up the sleeves and pop the collar. It has been a long time since I wore them in the winter months—I have a workhorse chambray for the other 3 seasons and usually have a white shirt in rotation—but
i recently tried flannel in a black and white buffalo plaid and a white and magenta gingham and they went into instant high rotation. They are such a warm cozy layer. In keeping with the relaxed feel of flannel, I did go a little oversized, which helps with fitting across the bust.

Thanks everyone for your interesting responses. Seems like buttondowns are actually quite divisive!
What I’m thinking is I ought to play around with wearing them open over a tee or singlet.
Also this thread reminds me of how much I like buttondowns tucked into skirts. I could experiment with tying a little knot at the front hem of the softer ones too. Can’t wait

Hello jussie me I wear buttoned shirts every day is an essential dress for me I like the fully buttoned worn it's my style to me but I like that I wear shirts in general white and blue it depends but I like the buttoned litters.

Classic button down shirts are easy to fit to on my more boyish body. It's a slam dunk. They used to be a wardrobe essential for my style and I loved them.

But I went VERY off them a few years ago. Too masculine for this leg of my style journey in ANY fit (tailored, fluid or oversized). I had to fight the urge to buy them because they are easy to fit on my body type.

I have ONE classic button down and am leaving it at that for while. It's tailored and I like that.

I AM though into flirty button downs that have pretty details like these from my wardrobe:

I thought I was completely OVER button downs and have a bunch of brooks brothers no-iron shirts sitting all unloved in my closet now that my professional role is a little more casual. But then fell head over heels in love with David Cline crushed shirts https://davidclineonline.com/c.....hed-shirts So soft! So drapey! My only regret is having to do laundry more often so that I can keep my new faves in rotation