Last year I wore my Levis 501s rolled down with the boots pictured below. Pretty sure I don't count as "fashion forward", and it's a bit of a "Western" look ... but remember I live in Texas and that is never wrong here. So, for what it's worth.

Haven't tried the look this year so I'm not sure whether I'll love it just as much or not -- it's still hot here, and I have been wearing my 501s cuffed above the ankles all summer. But, for what it's worth ... I also have shapely calves, and "skinny straight" jeans often look like just plain skinny jeans on me. The 501s are more of a boyfriend fit so they do look like straight legs on me.

It's funny you should post this question, because I just did a quick denim inventory the other day and, at the very bottom of the stack, were my straight-leg, dark denim, plain jane jeans. They fit great, make my bum look nice and my legs look long (er, well, longer), and yet...they were at the very bottom of the stack. Unworn. Forgotten. Lol.

Anyway, here's my question: how many pairs of jeans do you have? I don't think you can wear them full length right now and look current (although it will look classic, which can be a good thing too), but I wouldn't cut them if you have lots of other denim options. You could try the gigantic cuff thing to make them look more current. but if you cut them off, you'll essentially destroy a perfect pair of very flattering full-length jeans that may feel current again in a couple of seasons.

Or, perhaps you're OK with looking classic rather than trendy (although I get the feeling you wouldn't have posted this question if that weren't the case).

Anyway, if it helps you at all -- I'm not cutting mine, and you know how scissor-happy I am. I've got like five pairs of raw hem jeans at the moment. I have plenty of other jeans, so I can't see the point in permanently altering these ones. Who knows -- maybe I'll actually want full length straight legs in a year or two.

I suspect they'll be more the ticket when the weather gets cold and because jeans are a basic, the accompanying pieces will carry the weight of making the outfit au courant. Having said all this...what about your cold shoulder top for early fall? Standout booties?

I'd love to see you style them with different footwear, cuffed and uncuffed.

Funny timing on your post, I have some old looong Gap straights that I pulled out thinking I would hack with a stepped hem. They are a light wash with no distressing. When I tried them on I hesitated and they are still sitting in my closet waiting for me to do something. I feel I might have enough crops, which I like and wear all the time, so I didn't hack. Oddly, these look fresh to my eye, maybe I just have good fit goggles on because they make my short legs look longer. I'm really confused about jeans at the moment. I would like to wear them as is, no cuff. I think your cool style can pull them off but I don't know about me. Would love to see yours.