I love this conversation. I am not sure it’s a look that I would have tried -I am 5’4” and think it’s better on someone taller. But I may try it now that I have all your ideas!

interesting thread....like lisa p this look brings me back to high school...and i'm not 100% sure i want to go back....but i'm sure at some point this year i'll give this a try....

I love the range of sneakers available at the moment. Nike Airforce 1’s May give you the look you want. A nice flatform sneaker and height. You look so long legged in flares, this will look brilliant and intentional on you.

I am wearing colourful sneakers and coordinating them to my clothes. These are my sneakers and I love that I can happily walk for miles in them.

I quite like this look and think I will try it this fall (even though at 5'2" it won't be the most flattering thing on me!). I think your current sneakers would look great and you don't need leg-lengthening! But more platform would be fun too and in-the-moment. I like Angie's idea of turning under the hem and trying them with your current shoes, at least to get an idea. There does seem to be a lot of variety in sneaker styles right now.

I haven't managed to make jeans + sneakers look like an actual intentional outfit. But I think the sneakers would look more subtle with bootcuts than skinnies, because there's less shoe showing. Ditto about trying them with a platform though. Love them with the snake booties!
PS- next week...it's happening (Will post when it's official)

I've done it, and I like it! For me, the lines on the sneaker sole have to be pretty clean, but then again I don't have many sneakers where that's not true.

Bella, I love Tigers Asics! I think yours are great and don’t find them juvenile at all, with your style either.
I have a 9 year old pair in Teal and neon yellow & a liberty floral print pair. They’re still like new & I love them, so keep them.

Oooh I love this combination!! Cant wait to see what you try Janet; following with keener interest!!