Angie's post on Soft Edge came just at the time when I was pondering how to refresh my footwear capsule for this season. The timing could not be better for me, right?
So I definitely skew for the Soft Edge. I do wear black but almost never all black outfits. I have quite a few moto jackets but none is black. In addition I am Soft Dramatic by the Kibbe so here we go!
So I went for bootie search again with "Soft Edge" in mind and this is what I came up with from Nordstrom. I consider them skewing Soft because they have minimal hardware and not too chunky. Some of them are black but first I need a pair of black booties (don't own any now). And second - I also have an option to dye the booties dark navy if this color is not ideal. I think ##2,3,4 and 6 can be cool in navy!

I want to order some booties to the Seattle store so I can try them on while I am there and hopefully something will work for me.

  1. Sole Society - like the color and the heel maybe just manageable for me. A bit too casual maybe for my style?
  2. Lucky Brand - I kind of like the embossed leather back and zipper but maybe it skews to much towards Hard? Somehow it feels less casual to me than #1 - maybe because the heel is black?
  3. Naturalizer Braeburn - at first I thought it is not refined enough for me. However when Anna linked to it I suddenly realized that it is like a monk strap loafer but in a bootie shape so may be cool Need to try on!
  4. Earth - again the heel maybe just on the edge of being manageable. I like that it is quite refined.
  5. Earthies - I think the most casual of the lot. Not sure if it is too casual for myself?
  6. Naturalizer Tipley - I think this one is the most refined but is it frumpy? I kind of like it.

I need to order this Tuesday at the latest as we are leaving on Wednesday midday. Those of you who know my style - which of these 6 pairs below are valid candidates?
Sorry for spamming the forum with my shoe posts lately - this is my biggest fashion woe!
Thanks in advance for your help!