Ok. Lol. Scratch what I said. Big photos make a difference. Now I say slight IT. It’s interesting, the black makes you look more hourglass than the two-tone outfit.

I would say somewhere in the middle between IT and rectangle. It is a bit difficult to say which one is primary and which one is secondary.

Definitely not a pear. Agree with Tanya's assessment

Thanks so much for the pics, N!

Not remotely pear, or even hourglass. Tanya is dead right. A cross between a rectangle and inverted triangle.

Thank you everyone so now I know i'm an IT rectangle where do I go from here, any suggestions to which advice I follow? Maybe like tops from IT, bottom from rectangle?...i'm not sure knowing now that i'm a cross between two is helping me right now. I feel very confused. Especially as my measurements also suggest a 3rd type though I suppose rectangle is more balanced and could work for my measurements if my waist was a little bigger, which I suppose it could be.

I suppose in the end its just going to be trial and error with each piece though if anyone could point me in the right direction for classic jeans cuts that would suit me, i'd be very much obliged.

I would have said that you are a blend between IT (that is your main type) and a figure 8 hourglass (secondary). Figure 8s tend to gain weight in the high hip, rear end, and thigh.

Since you have a ten-inch difference between waist and hips, I would look for jeans that are advertised as curvy cut.

I guess my shape is still up for debate. I can see the IT for sure yet my bottom half is very curvy but my shoulders are so wide they seem to overpower everything. I do wonder how I can be a rectangle with the actual difference between waist and hips/shoulders, yet visually it doesn't look that defined...maybe that's something I should do, define my waist?
What I do know about myself though is I have a strong shoulder line and curvy hips/thighs and since I am tall I have no need for trying to elongate anything

Anyway as for Jeans, I was thinking bootcut because they flatter most types and can come a little looser in the thigh area (this design does).

I’m thinking there’s two ways in which knowing primary and secondary categories of shape can be useful - whole outfits and seeking out specific items of clothing. So for example, perhaps you’ll want to look at curvy jeans but look to IT guidance for putting those together with tops....

You might enjoy reading the book The Triumph of Individual Style. It focuses less on complete body shapes (pear, rectangle, etc.) and more on individual attributes (strong shoulder line, long legs, large bust, etc.).

I'm seeing IT with secondary hourglass. There is an X hourglass where the width comes from the bony frame and not the fleshy padding.

I don't have any advice regarding what items or styles of clothing to buy, but I do have some comments on type of silhouette. Once you figure out how to describe your shape, you can have one of two goals: 1, how can I make myself look most like a long-legged hourglass and camouflage the features that detract from that (ie the "traditionally flattering"), or 2, how can I make the most of my unique features; what styles flatter me that not everyone can wear?
(I think your boat necks are an example of something that you can carry off because of your shoulders, not in spite of them.)

As an IT with very little waist indent even at my skinniest, I used to aspire to (1). I went for cinched-waist looks with full skirts to "balance" my wide shoulders. They tended to just make me look wider all over. David Kibbe's approach taught me to appreciate the positive aspects of my shape and play them up.

Ok I do have some suggestions re styles... your square shoulder line and modest bust means you can carry off turtlenecks, buttoned shirts, and every kind of scarf. And your height means that any length, shape, or width of skirt or pants will still flatter.

Thank you at L'Abeille, I really really want to be able to wear turtlenecks. I'm not sure about the buttoned up shirts. I'll try find a photo of one but i've always thought they all looked weird on me, but I love a turtleneck. So elegant IMO. I don't actually have any of either. I have a very very very small wardrobe with very similar (boring) things and part of why i'm trying to find out more about myself is i'd like to build up my wardrobe and i'm now in a position to be able to buy some quality pieces, so i'd like to be able to look and feel great. I think its better to know what will look good before buying because otherwise I just choose what looks good on the model.

I've got a picture here of me in an off the shoulder top that I really like (I'm going to risk showing my face now, it won't show up in google images right?) I feel it actually makes me seem a little less broad if anything, rather than highlighting my shoulders but maybe I just can't see it.

For Kibbe I feel like I'm in the flamboyant Natural maybe but my facial features are very fleshy I feel, like big lips and round nose, and they tend to be thin so i'm not sure if I fit those either. But kibbe is so complicated. I gave up almost straight away.

For style, I really just want to dress French chic, maybe a little trendy at times too as i'm still young-ish (though I want to look grown up and not in my late teens and 20s). I'm 33 for reference but the photo is from around 25 so it was a while ago, i've had 2 kids since then I really like Jeanne Damas style actually. Wonder if I could pull it off.

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Well how gorgeous is that photo! It’s kind of hard for me to remember 33 very well let alone 25, but by 33 I also had 2 kids- had them at 29 and 32, then later another at 35. I got back to pre-baby weight pretty much each time. My weight gain was in my 40s.
The earlier photos up thread and now at the top looked more rectangular to me.
But if the others think there is IT, they probably know more than me. Angie knows a great deal. The top in your age 25 shot is certainly flattering.
I would look at Angie’s guidelines for both rectangle and IT and just start your wardrobe building project fairly gently using those, you can always post pics of items you are trying for the forum’s opinion. I remember sort of losing confidence in dressing myself after having had the children because I was so busy and also had less disposable income at that time.