Aside from wearing sneakers for their intended purposes, athletic activities, hiking, just casual dressing, serious walking, or other specific needs it can get confusing? Do you buy and only wear sneakers for their specific use or not? I always have about 6 pairs for activities like the gym, running, dog activities, slip ons for general fashion purposes, etc. I am thinking as some are needing replaced soon, that I would consider the athleisure trend, and invest in something like black and white Nikes running shoes for multiple uses. To me ones that are called walking shoes, except for some Sketcher styles, are generally ugly, Trainers are generally too bulky looking to look fashionable outside the gym. Many are way too colorful to work with a varied wardrobe.

Since most athletic shoes are designed for their intended uses, like trail running has the best traction for varied terrain running, and also make good hiking shoes. Those called fashion sneakes genrally have less support, less padding, etc. It is certainly more fun to just buy them for style and colors, but you can end up with some mistakes.