For the first time I’m deliberately putting together a cohesive, casual accessory capsule. I find I’m gravitating toward cold weather styles that feel more “edgy” (for me), dark plaids and florals, and black. Most of the items I’ve purchased this year have been black which is a shift away from many years of preferring navy. Burgundy will complement the newer black items as well as my existing navy stuff.

Winter seems tough in terms of accessories. Less use of handbags- I tend to just toss what I need in the pockets of my puffer and go. My small collection of scarves, gloves, and hats have no cohesion whatsoever! I’ve been craving something a little more put together and intentional. This Botkier crossbody was a top pick a while back and as I was browsing for bags that would work for fall/winter I found the burgundy one at a good price. Alongside the Born Chelsea boots I bought last season I realized that I had the makings of a capsule that will suit my current sartorial needs. Just ordered the BR infinity scarf, and some yarn with plans to hand knit a coordinating hat. Im considering adding a lightweight scarf with a black background at some point for fall/cold spring. Maybe some burgundy sneaks as well.

With the pandemic I’m not really out much, aside from the office twice a week and essential errands. Wardrobe planning hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind for many months but it was fun to have something to focus on again.

Finds below are current wardrobe items (except for the floral scarf which I’m on the fence about). Thanks for looking!