Lisa, Janet -- in #6, those are the Zara sarong shorts, bought for a song still going strong. I can't wear them on truly sticky days without a breeze but they are great in warm but not too humid weather.

The top is J. Crew and on sale now. Liberty print.

The long culottes are J. Crew Rayner dark denim from last year. They have a tendency to stretch out but otherwise are great.

Chris, cognac, camel, tan, and pumpkin are some of your best friends! They look amazing with your colouring. I really found cognac easier to wear as a blonde, but what the heck. It still works with a bit of planning.

Thanks for all the nice compliments on my complements, ha!

Thanks Suz - I've always loved your Zara shorts. The JCrew pic doesn't link to anything in particular, - I guess the top is sold out . Really nice print .

Suz, it's nice to see those sarong shorts again. I'm a little surprised that style didn't get more traction but I think it still looks current in a quirky/timeless way.

I kind of forgot about my sarong shorts last year -- I think I only wore them once or twice. Sometimes it's fun to rediscover something in our closet! I think it's because I have them hanging on a hanger with my skirts, and when I think "shorts" I go to the shelf of folded shorts. They sort of fall in between clothing categories so they fall out of my radar. Same goes for my skirted leggings in cooler seasons -- they hang in my closet in the same place with the skirts, and I forget about them because I go to my shelf of jeans instead!

Well, that's too bad. Yesterday when I looked they had sizes. Today, only TRIPLE 0!!

Free shipping, too. Sigh.

All those shoes look fab, I really hope the red ones are keepers.You look lovely and stylish as always and those cognac sandals go with all those outfits beautifully.

You look fab in white, Suz! I love the way it complements your hair.

Thank you Suz! I've had a couple of things sitting in my J. Crew cart for a while, and this thread caused me to hit the buy button. 40% off plus free shipping... score!

One of them is "your" pearls. I've had my eye on them for ages.

I can't pick a favorite - they're all great. Those are fantastic sandals. I'm glad to hear they're so comfortable too.

Jumping in late:
Keep the sandals, keep the cognac. Don't take them in black. Part of their elegance is in the cognac color.

Message me to tell me the store you got it from! I want a pair.

I know your post is primarily on (cognac) sandals, but ... What strikes me when looking at these pictures is how great you look in cool colours. That long grey cardigan in #7 is gorgeous on you. So is the black & white gingham blouse and white jeans in #1. Stunning with your silver hair. You really are a cool (!) lady!

Definitely cool toned, The Cat. Cool as a cucumber. There is no question what my dominant characteristic is. You should see me in yellow! This is why I will probably send back that coral dress from Boden, much as I like the cut.

But cognac makes a nice warm complement to the cool and jazzes things up a bit, I think.