I do often start with a piece I want to wear, could be anything from shoes to earrings, and work from there. The weather is a big influence as well.

Irina I really liked that lighter outfit with your red shoes.

I am totally haphazard. Generally, it starts with the clothing I want to wear, but it could be on that particular day I want to wear a specific accessory, bag or shoe, and that gets the process started. I have a Statement heavy wardrobe, so it starts with the Statement piece and the rest falls into place around that.

Bottoms first, because they're the most weather dependent! Over 70 degrees means skirt/dress, under 70 generally pants (or warm maxi skirt if 60s). Sometimes I start with a statement piece too- but most of them are skirts

I start with the piece I want to wear that day. Could be the bottom or top. Last few years I’ve added some dresses - which makes outfit creation easier!!

Don’t think I’ve created an outfit around a piece of jewelry - but that might be a fun exercise!

Interesting! I either decide the night before or in the shower immediately before getting dressed.

It’s normally something I want to wear or something that feels neglected. It’s rarely an accessory that dictates- more often a top dress bottom or footwear choice.

My approach is similar to Dee’s. I do have ideas rattling around in my head, inspired by outfits I’ve seen in the wild, posted on this forum, from Pinterest or other media site. However, I always start the day by checking the weather forecast and sticking my head out the door to see what it’s like beyond my four walls!

I’m not a jewellery person, so the only accessories that inspire outfit creation for me are scarves.

Interesting question.
Step 1: weather. This dominates the process.
Step 2: what will I be doing? This usually dictates the formality level… which is important.
Step 3: what item have I been hankering to wear that fits the above criteria? Usually it’s the statement piece of the outfit…. And I build it from there. Often I do the shoes and accessories last, but sometimes I go the opposite way around and base the outfit on a particular shoe.

Thank you everyone for your input. So interesting. I am definitely going to change things up this season. Although I probably will never start with a piece of jewellery I will definitely start thinking about items I really want to wear and go from there. I know this seems so obvious but for some reason some favourite pieces go unworn at the end of a season. Time to change this.

Love your rosette ring! I usually start with the top and work my way down, but your approach sounds intriguing. Maybe switching it up will indeed bring out new outfit ideas. Can't wait to hear other perspectives!

sabimct For outfit creation, you could look at The Vivienne Files
That blog usually starts with art, jewelry or a scarf, and builds outfits around the colors found there.
All of the fabbers have posted great formulas, as well as Angies, so you have a lot of options!

Madeline I too enjoy the Vivienne Files, especially for capsule building ideas.