One of my closest friends is getting married in mid-August and everything is hapenning in the last moment. I was asked to be a bridesmaid a few days ago (and accepted). I am obviously going to have to buy a dress for that, and the bride has requested a long one ( a gown) in a specific color, so I am currently looking for one, but that is not the one worrying me right now.
Bridal shower is approaching very fast, it is in 2.5 weeks (and last minute plane tickets are not cheap)! In addition to the bridal shower itself I will be also attending a slightly formal family dinner the evening before. Both events are at the house of bride's parents, and they are very religious people. In order to show proper respect, the dress code is a skirt or a dress (pants are not allowed) which covers the knees ( at least a midi), with a top with modest neckline with sleeves that are at least elbow length.
While I have a fairly large and nicely rounded wardrobe, I am left scrambling for these events. I do own a nice dressy black midi pencil skirt with a vertical ruffle, which I think should work for the dinner with a nice long sleeve silk blouse. However, I have nothing nowhere even appropriate for the shower itself. A dressy day dress is typically the norm, and I do not have anything in the right length. I only have some tube midi skirts which are far too casual and too body con as well, so they are totally out of the question.
It appears that I will have to buy a dress, and a quick search online left me quite stressed out. Sleeved midi dresses seem to be an almost extinct species, so should I go for a sleeveless one and cover up with a cardigan or something (I do not own any appropriate cardigans either)? I am open for ideas and dresses suggestions ( I am quite underwhelmed with everything I have seen so far). To make the matters worse I am on a very tight budget and can not afford to spend a lot, especially considering all the other expenses being a bridesmaid entails. On the other hand, this is a very close friend who was there for me at some of the worst times in my life so I do want to do everything right. Sigh...