Despite my lack of need for more jackets (how many times have I said that??), Angie’s top pick found it’s way into my cart because this shade of blue is irresistible to me, and I don’t have a truly lightweight jacket in this color. A discount further prompted me to give it a try.

No pics yet — it arrived today, and I took a break from steam cleaning our outdoor furniture cushions (a long overdue and sweaty process) to try it on very quickly.

I adore the color, no surprise there. True to the photos. The sizing is generous — I am squarely a size 8 on top these days and the S fits me fine and buttons up (I doubt I’d wear it buttoned but it’s always good to have that fit parameter). I probably could wear a M too, if I wanted a roomier fit.

One quibble I have, which was not evident from the online item, is that the sleeves are 3/4, NOT full length. That’s not my absolute favorite sleeve, but I almost always wear utility and denim jacket sleeves cuffed or rolled anyway. It’s a little shorter than I would usually think for a utility jacket — almost more of a linen-like moto jacket, but I don’t mind that — it means it will likely look good with skirts and dresses.

It seems well-made and is substantial but not thick. Might be a bit warm for real summer here, but 99% of jackets are for me anyway. I’m kind of reaching the end of jacket season here for the next 3+ months so this would be for coming seasons, which is fine. It’s a color and style that is timeless for me.

I’m pretty sure it’s a keeper, but I’ll do a more extensive try-on later, and I’ll try to remember to take pics to share.