Suz, you look sensational in all these outfits. They are soo good! I really like the jeans on you - I think the length is perfect. And the flannel shirt - just WOW! Stunning gorgeous.

I love everything in these picties, including hair-which is WOW, LOVE it textured to so piecey- but I can never achieve this look for myself. Think is in the cut and that you have a very dense hair which can be texturised easy in 3D.
You mastered the layering with a long cardigan look, love the new flanel and sweater they are so different-and do a great job with the new jeans-which I find íhere good enough but I too hold on some styles which worked so well in the past and am very critical with new cuts-even a few cm can change all the silhouette we are after.

It's great to see you post some WIWs! I love the jeans on you, but I hear you on the catching-on-the-tops of boots issue--annoying! But they do look really good :). I love the white windowpane check flannel shirt, your new patterned v-neck looks smashing, and your long grey cardigan suits you beautifully. I share your love for merino and patterned knitwear! Your haircut looks immaculate and chic to me, but I commiserate re. the hairdresser kind of doing their own thing rather than exactly what you want!

LOVE the jeans on you. You rock the straight leg. And I love the flannel shirt too - you've inspired me to try and pick one up when thrifting.

These are great, Suz. Do you still have the awesome BR high waist wide leg crop denim? I think they would work spectacularly with these looks, too!

Column, yes, I do still have those jeans and wear them quite a bit. They bag out at the knee so they require washing about every second wear, which can limit their functionality a bit.