These fit beautifully!
I do prefer the shorter length. I am still questioning the longer short length. (Eye hasn’t adjusted.)

Gorgeous shirt! Yes, a great colour on you!

Those are so cute on you, Suz!

What great jeans, I love the purple shirt too - I can see why you are thinking of adding a purple capsule. All your footwear works, but WOW those NAS Paul Green plaid boots are the bomb!

I’ve missed your posts - I’ve ben busy too, but still lurking a bit. Take care of yourself and I will look for your exciting news. Sounds like you are all sorted, but FWIW, I too prefer the petite jeans and sweater on you. Awesome outfits especially the purple blouse! I recently realized that pants in Short vs Petite are often better for me, as I llike the longer rise better.

Thank you all again. Angie, thanks for your explanations re lengths -- I can see how that new in-between length -- sort of how we are hemming the bootcuts (which I still have to get hemmed, ahem...) -- could work in the wet. Certainly better than full length bootcuts or widelegs would!

I wore the new jeans last night and they performed really well. Super comfort, not too much knee bagging (always -- weirdly! -- an issue with wider legs for me) and high happiness factor. How I love a jean that feels great!

Thanks for your sympathies and support!

I finally tried on those new cropped trousers - and they are really nice. Completely different cut than the jeans though - and I needed my reg BR size, and even those were not exactly too big. They are very nicely tailored though and they are in my comtemplation pile. I don't exactly need them but they are a new silhouette.....

Thanks, Lisa. We'll see if what I ordered fits...I have my doubts because I could only get petite in a couple of the colours and usually the rise is too short for me in those. But I only intend to keep one or two pair at most even if they do fit. So...I ordered my new usual size, up from my old usual size. But even then....

Suz, I'm glad you found a pair of jeans to lift your spirits! They look smashing on you. Hoping some of the pants options work just as well, too! I've ordered the full-length jeans in a short length and eagerly await their arrival. I love any item that swooshes when I walk and have high hopes for these!

Got my BR wide crop jeans, and they are too big in the size I've been in lately. So, yes - size down. As I took them out of the bag I didn't think I would like them, but they do feel really good on! I will try the size down, and see. They look nothing like the stock photo on the BR site. The fabric is darker and heavier than it appears on the model. Almost like a totally different product. Odd.
They are hitting me maybe 1/2" longer than on you, Suz. I am 5'4" - how tall are you? I will like them with boots.

Suz, thanks for the great review! Can you compare these pants to the J.Crew Rayner jean trouser?

Dottie...I can compare. The Raynor jean trouser was a slightly "crisper" fabric and because it was a trouser front with side pockets, a bit dressier in feel. Which I did like, I must admit. Also, it lacked visible stitching. So that was a denim culotte or trouser more than a "jean." Mine were shorter, too, because I had them hemmed. I have retired mine recently because the pockets were doing odd things on me and they bagged out continually. So by the end of a day I wasn't feeling fab in them.

Laurie, I am 5'4" also with fairly short legs. But remember, I ordered the shorts vs. regular.

Laura -- hope those work out for you! Please let us know!

Super cute on you. Short length.