Greyscale, AGREED. BR is doing soooo well! And producing sustainably and ethically too. Your COS skirt sounds fab.

delurked, good memory - and thank you

So it's been forever since I posted, but ANGIE and CORDUROY together in the same sentence caught my attention.

I'd buy them in at least two colors and pick them up when I'm in the US for Christmas, but they're sold out in my size, alas. Will enjoy them on you!

Angie, these are really cute! I love both of these looks, and I’m planning to recreate them with what I already have (although I am definitely feeling the lack of horsey items abs white booties in my wardrobe now!)

YES, Cobalt Blue. You have been in YLF long enough to remember that!

Mary Beth, a horsey Ralph Lauren high five!

I do loooove a pair of cream cords, and these are such a great fit, Angie!! Beautiful with your booties and the new horsey sweater too!!

Gosh. For not being styled, you look so amazingly pulled together! I've enjoyed wearing cords the past couple of years, but I lost about 10 lbs during the pandemic and mine don't fit anymore. So thanks for this recommendation! I'll see if these work as replacements.

Oooh, I love these!!! *adds to wishlist*

Those are great on you. Much whiter than the stock photo. Love the quickie white-out. I’m smiling at the horsey hype

I just got these, too! We are vibrating on the same wave-length.

I find I wish the rise were a little higher for me. I have a high rise, though. I haven't take off the tags yet, but I'm going to try them in an outfit today and see how I feel.

Jenava, we are! I wore them over the weekend and LOVE them. I wish they came in red. Let me know what you think. They are amazing with our NAS boots.

Inge, Helena, and Stag, thank you! More about the horsey hype this week

Sarah, and they come in petites. I bet fab on you.

Those cords are amazing on you, Angie. Love both looks and know there will be more to come. I will keep checking for more options in tall sizes. They read beautifully, even on-line. Enjoy!

Oh, think I waited for this one subconsciously!:-) I am also on the same winter white out wavelength but haven't put together the outfit yet (thus mine will be rather a dress or a skirted one). Love your white out outfit sooo much and am happy to see you found your cords and so why not in white! The sweaters are both gorgeous, too. THE NEW SPECS and HAIR are then.... K2K!:-)

Those are gorgeous cords! Love the camel color too.

Winter white-out and equestrian fabness all in one post! I'm attempting to take it all in but my eyes keep going to your JCrew boots which are absolute genius and manage to elevate every outfit. I love mine and am so glad you recommended them!

Beautiful! Both looks are gorgeous, but I especially love the total white out.

Thanks, everyone! I'm wearing the White-Out today and love it

I’m loving this horsey theme on you and you’ve got cred! I have a corduroy pair of Ralph Lauren jodhpurs that are ancient, vintage or whatever you want to call them and I’m glad I hung on to them (my tailor adjusted the waistband to make them a wee bit forgiving after all these years). Yet, every time I wear these pants I think of you and those amazing denim jodhpurs.

Wow these are great!

Oh wow, those are gorgeous! I just bought and returned the Jcrew factory winter white corduroys because they were not opaque enough. I'll be stalking BR. Thanks, Angie!

Vicki, I want your jodhpurs! KILLER on you.

Zibbets, I hope they come back into stock.


I'm running out of microphones to drop !

You look adorable in White-out sweet Angie. Love, love so much.

Thanks, Cee and Mirjana, Lovely to see you chime in!