"Doublestriped Twins", I like the sound of that, Vicki
And we'll be Proud Triplets with Angie when we wear our sweatshirts (couldn't agree more Angie, there is something chic about this piece, and I am wearing it all the time).

Adore your citron skirt too, Angie, and you would rock it too, Vicki,

Joyce: I sized up one size in all the tops, if that helps. Have a look at their size chart before ordering. For most items they give item and body measurements, that helped me a lot. Perhaps you can compare those with similar items you already own?

You made good choices! I have now collected that skirt too!
I'm on the larger side of sizes and find they run smaller for me ie. normally a 14 in US dresses, but Boden 12 is same. I go by reviews, measurements and message their customer service if in doubt. Make sure you get free returns, I think it's usually free exchanges but if something is almost sold out I'd buy both sizes and return the wrong one.

What great tops and they look terrific on you!

Hah, Inge. Many rounds of high fives and triplet hugs with Vicki.

Jeanne, we might soon be triplet twins.

And my correction, Joyce. In the citron skirt, the size 2 was smaller than a J.Crew size 00. I've found that a Boden size 2 is generally the same as a BR 0, so size up one size. In the jeans I bought, I sized up two sizes because I'm allergic to tight jeans at the moment. And exactly what Inge said.

Both tops are so "you," Vicki! You really look great.

Great choices, Vicki! I'm particularly fond of the second one -- that' a silhouette that doesn't love me, and is best on lasses with long necks and shorter hair. It's stunning on you.

Thanks for the quality report!

Wonderful choices! I love stripes and both of these tops look awesome - you look fantastic, Vicki!

Thanks for the info, Angie, Inge and Jisloane. Free returns are super important to me. I will keep an eye on those.

Thank you all so much and, Joyce, I'm happy Inge, Angie and Jj shared more on the sizing. I was out of town and wanted to add that the posted measurements really helped me and I did size up one size (from 2 to 4) for these two tops and it worked out fine. As Jj said, I really do make a point of reading the reviews as these have been extremely helpful, too.

Wow, I love both of those striped tops, but the neckline on the second one is too fabulous for words!
Can't what to see those gorgeous skirts on you ladies!