In my constant search for comfortable but still stylish footwear, I've come across these fall booties at Hudson's Bay. Booties (any type of boots really) are major wardrobe workhorses in my climate (right Suz?). I'm in boots of one type or another from October through to end of April most years. Since that's a really long season, I like a good variety so I don't get too bored.

Based on particular comfort and support needs, what I have left in my current boot wardrobe is:

  • Mid calf black lace up heeled Doc Martens
  • Knee high Hush Puppy cognac riding-style
  • Knee high Blondo quilted black flat
  • Red ankle Sam Edelman (these haven't been tested for a full day of comfort for a while now so will see...)
  • Ankle wedge sand colored Toms (very casual and more like a wedge sneaker in style)
What I think will no longer work and still in my closet:
  • Sam Edelman flat ankle python booties - no arch support and unable to accommodate an orthotic
  • Black Clarks Chelsea boots - no arch support. Too bad 'cause otherwise very comfortable
  • Mid calf sand colored suede western style - I think the heel might be too high now but unsure (can't remember the brand at the moment)
So looking at the finds I've popped down below, the burgundy booties would be potential replacements for the red SE's if they no longer work. Can you believe these burgundy beauties are Hush Puppy??? Incredibly comfortable brand for me.

The gold metallic Joie booties could be the replacement for the SE python Petty booties. I've been wanting to add a touch of metallic somewhere.

And the black Aquatalia's would be the Clarks Chelsea replacements - plus they would be better quality and waterproof.

I had mentioned to Angie in an earlier post that the majority of my wardrobe budget this year would be going towards replacing all of my worn out and/or uncomfortable footwear. No more unhappy feet for me. Of course, the purchase of these new items hinges on fit and comfort. Thoughts or comments?