Boho is big in Berlin. I particularly see it in winter, when women wear cute layers of scarves and caps and I don’t know what else to make the cutest little ragamuffins ever. I grew up in the Midwest, where winter wear is pants-sweater-boots and summer is shorts-tank top. Very simple pieces with no flow and little pattern. I have moved away from that some, with some pattern and layering, but still sometimes find myself looking at residents of my city and trying to figure out just how they do it. I have no idea how, but think that if I could figure it out, it is a look that would work well for me. In summer, I would also like to have that casual Savoir-faire. But once again, I have no idea how to do it. Can anyone, particularly if you’ve looked at my posts in the past and have an idea of what’s in my closet, make suggestions for how I could get started?

Looking through my finds, I see I have a lot more tops that I think would work this way than bottoms. Most of my bottoms are pretty straightforward shorts. How can I “boho up” my looks?

In the winter, it’s easy. I seem to have lost my favorite pic of me in the vest and the paisley skirt, with my hair in a braid to one side. I think “boho” is the word to describe what I liked about that outfit. And when it’s cool and windy as it was at Greenwich observatory, it’s easy to add a scarf. But what about the summer, like these shorts and this peasant top? First of all, I can’t figure out the right length for the shorts. If I leave them down, you can’t see the curve at the bottom of my quad, so my legs look like sticks. I can’t turn the hem up once, because there’s a slit. If I turn it up twice, they look stupidly short. So, assuming I get that straightened out, do I want a belt? Jewelry? I like the easy way some people look so pulled together with this look, and didn’t feel like I quite had it that day.

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