O, you have a beautiful daughter!! And you are very generous! She does look very happy wearing it!

SNAP, Anchie. I wore my neon pink pullover yesterday. Waving at my sweater twin.

Cashmere Crew Sweater
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She looks absolutely beautiful in it, rather like her mother! And as a mother of two almost 14 year old daughters, prepare for much more wardrobe sharing to come.

Yes they can do a lot of wardrobe sharing in the teenage years, as I found with my two. But now in their mid-late 20s, not so much. For one thing I've become fatter than them in the past 10 years since they were mid-late teens, and for another, I guess my taste has become "older" in the interim. Rebecca did really well on my shoes as her feet are the same size, but Elise is 2 Euro sizes bigger than me ( 38 vs 36) so hasn't done as well. Keeping some of my old stuff for "dress-ups" has worked for various of their parties eg keeping the dress my sister wore as my bridesmaid in 1986 , which was sort of apricot taffeta, helped Elise win a prize as Princess Peach from Super Mario brothers at a company dress-up party! All good fun...
I think I used to borrow my mother's stuff in my teens to twenties as well. And she was 40 years older than me not 30/32 years older as I am to them.

Thank you all! I am looking forward to sharing my wardrobe with her. She is already great at giving fashion advices and my in house stylist
Jenni NZ, we are not tall, just average. I am 169cm and DH is 175cm
Joy - her scoliosis is not that bad, and our main goal is to keep it from getting worst. If it stay like it is now, she will not have problems with pregnancy or sports as adult, and if it gets better is a wonderful bonus. She has to wear a brace 16hours per day, most importantly when sleeping, but can take it of when doing sports and such. We will see how it goes in summer, she will be very hot in it. But she has a great attitude and is sometimes showing brace of as part of outfit or accessory.
Angie - I have to yet wear my new pink sweater. Any styling ideas?

Yay to sweater twins ! ...You can do a Dutch accent, can you, Anchie ?

She looks so happy! And adorable.

Oh, braces are so much better now than when I was a kid! I wish I could go back in time and have my spine straightened out. Your daughter is beautiful.

Haha! That’s great!