Dear fabbers, I have spent more time than I care to admit browsing the many gorgeous items on Boden's website. The shirt dresses, the midi skirts, the brightly coloured knitwear... I love it all.

However, I notice that Boden heavily favours tall, long-limbed models, and cuts that I think would look good on women with that body type (the midi skirts and cropped pants, for example, I see working on someone with a nice long leg line).

This is the opposite of me - a smidge under 5'4, very pear shaped, short arms and legs. I wondered if there are fabbers with a similar body shape who have good luck with Boden, and if so, what pieces you find work for you? I know they have a great returns policy but I'd rather not buy unless there's a decent chance of success.

Sorry for not posting any of the items I'm interested in here, I am a newbie and still need to work out how to use the 'finds' tool