I'm hamstrung a bit because I don't know what the term "grinning" means in this context---I like the brighter blue shirt better in terms of color and fit, but I would be a bit put off by its sheerness. If "grinning" means that it's not sheer in real life, but just an odd feature in the photos, then the brighter blue is my preference. What does "grinning" mean as it applies to the first photo? Thanks!

The brighter blue gives you a "lift" that's flattering but they're both good. I agree with Angie, you can't go wrong either way.

Have a great trip!!!

Ahhhh! Thank you Inge! Now I "get" it--- I had a hunch it was related to the sheerness, but I wasn't familiar with the term and the specifics. I'm not a fan of "grinning"---have an eyelet top that is PERFECTION, but only with a light colored bottom. I wanted to pair it with blue jeans, but its demure quality was totally lost once "grinning" occurred. Thanks again for the link to the explanation.

I prefer both the fit and color of the darker blue and I think the buttons add a nice touch. To me it is plenty summery enough. If it truly "grins" a lot more, that would bother me, as I am annoyed by that in general.
If you are trying to wear it with a lot of other colored jackets and pants, the lighter blue may be more neutral, so you might try it with dark jeans if you plan to do that, but with the white the darker blue is stunning.

Both are great! I prefer the color in #1, but the fit in #2 -- I think the feel of the shirt, and the way it pairs with your travel wardrobe should make the final decision.

Sveta, you are now in London and enjoying yourself. I'm voting for the brighter, darker blue, with the contrasting buttons. This one is such a beautiful blue on you. Here's a shout out to Inge who reminded me and Laurel about "grinning" and, yes, I only like grinning on the face, with a big smile.

I'm sure you're enjoying London by now (how fun!), but I'll throw my two cents in anyway. I would consider keeping both for the reasons mentioned above, but if you're only keeping one I would keep the one that goes better with the other items in your closet. If they both work equally as well, my preference then falls to the darker blue. I like the way that one drapes in the side view.