The orange is so energizing and fresh...but you know me. I always vote for blue! In this case, it's because I think it will be more versatile and I can see you wearing this dress in so many situations -- from the most casual to professional. It's a fantastic dress, with just enough oomph due to the contrast stitching -- fab find!!

Orange .The colour lights you up.

Navy.....I like the contrast of the stitching, and I think your complexion looks brighter.

I like them both, but I think the blue is better with your coloring.


Laughing at the very polarized opinions!

Sal, if neither feel dead right - return both.

I know Angie!!

I will do a try on again tonight and get Jon's opinion. He is colour blind though. I am leaning blue as it would take me more places for work, and I can liven it up with the yellow bag or the pink basket bag for casual days. I don't have any plain simple flattering work appropriate dresses that I could also wear with sneakers or birkenstocks for casual reasons.

When I look at other dresses or my jumpsuit I might wear the navy seems a good non-statement option (it is not quite a fair comparison though because I would probably choose pants or a skirt rather than some of these dresses).

And I actually have two other orange dresses and one blouse - I like them all but none get worn all that much - the knit dress is va va voom though, the middle dress is lounge or beach wear, and the top has trickiness with bras to contend with.

But if I want to wear orange, I do have options (although not for work).

Agree with Angie! Still, sometimes it helps to keep a clear head and try to fill a wardrobe hole!

Good to get Jon's opinion, Sal. I like how versatile you are making the blue dress sound.

High five, Minaminu.

I am no help, as simply find both of them gorgeous for you. Ornage because of the color, the navy for the classy-ness, and the power of those stitchings...curious, how will you decide-you just cannot go wrong!

I think you said it best - the navy is very dark and the orange very bright. I think they both look nice on you, the fit is great. The orange is a good color for you but it's a lot of orange (I bring some personal bias to that statement as I love neutrals) and the dark is a lot of dark - haha. I do love the brighter stitching on it though.

Tough decision for sure.

Ooh, the navy looks much better in person. The contrast stitching is great! I change my vote. I now vote navy. There's just something about the orange that's not as flattering...I'm not sure what it is.

I am keeping the orange. I probably was leaning to the blue but Jon loves the orange. And it is fun...... it is more risky. I did try on again and experiment a bit more - I think the cotton linen mix will soften a bit after washing.

Thanks all - it was a very even race!!

Yeah!! I didn't come back to vote, but I was hoping you'd choose orange!

Of course yay from me!

Great decision! It's always nice when the other half likes the outfit

Yay! Happy you made a decision. Go Team Orange

YES! Queen Orange heartily approves of your selection, Sal.

You really could not go wrong with either choice, Sal! Both look really great on you! Enjoy!

Orange is a perfect option!

Good choice! I'm not generally a fan of orange, but I really prefer it to the blue in this case!

I do think the orange might get less wear than the blue would have - but I do always have conservative work options if needed when I want to blend...... The navy is really smart but probably a little too dark on me..

And I don't always listen to Jon but in this instance when I was torn it seemed a good option. He prefers me in brighter colours!!

Congratulations with a bold choice that seems right for you. Orange is not my colour, but I love to see others dressing in colours that are perfect for them, and this dress looks gorgeous on you.

I was in a Trenery store today admiring lots of orange items and some lovely olive tops too. The navy version of your dress was in the window. Both versions are very smart.
I am very happy to have been able to cruise around some stores today, using the Covid app ( for non-NZers this is our tracing app) and wearing my mask. I am only having vague thoughts about any spring/summer clothes as yet because we’re only a week into spring and it is still boot weather for me.