Over the past 12 months or so, I have refreshed my skirts and dresses and I have being happily wearing them casually without toppers. But now that I am back to the office, I would like to wear them to the office too. Well, I just realized that most if not all of my blazers are quite long, bought to be worn with pants. So I am not sure if they would work with my skirts and dresses - not sure that proportions would be right. I think I need something shorter, but I don’t have clear idea. I also don’t want to buy many - just one jacket or blazer would be good for now. But I would like that this one would be able to go with the most, if not all skirts and dresses. Impossible task? Would neutral color be better than accent color? I am kind of stumped at the moment and would appreciate your help and ideas.
My skirts and dresses are in finds.