I’ve ordered the pink diamond shirt. Fingers crossed!

Great collection. Love her colour combinations.

I was able to see some of this collection at my store in Scottsdale yesterday. I tried on about 5 different items, including various pants, a blouse and a sweater. The quality is very good across the board, in my opinion, and items seem to run true to size. I came home with the polka dot blouse and love the drama of the oversized collar and cuffs. It will be a fun piece to wear with jeans and leggings and it’s machine washable. All good for my relatively casual lifestyle. I tried the high waisted plaid pants, which I really liked (again for the drapey drama) but did not love. The cropped pants with the button details on front did me no favors at all. Too much attention drawn to the midsection area for my taste. Pants are never easy for me, so the quest continues. If I had been able to find a coordinating pant I would have bought the “Oui” sweater. It does not have any wool and is a great weight for my Arizona winter.

The colors in the collection are beautiful, though the light blue might be slightly less vibrant in person than it appears in pictures, and I felt it washed me out. The oxfords were only available in blush and black, not the red as I had hoped. What a stunning shoe. But I will warn you, they are not at all flexible and are just really stiff, with no give whatsoever. So if you are looking for comfort these might not fit the bill.

All in all, it’s a stylish, modern and fresh collection, and I wish you luck as you try and evaluate your favorites.

I love many of these pieces, but I agree with Janet: much of this is neither my color nor my aesthetic. I am strangely drawn to the pink faux fur coat with the card suits on it, but it is pink. I could make red work, possibly, but PINK? I would be all over this coat if the pattern were on black!

I was very tempted by the Oxfords and hosiery- alas, the brown plaid tights appear to be sold out, but I might stalk them. I did order the long wool coat in red, to compare to the one I got at NAS- the trench details are a nice touch. Love the colors in this collection!

Kyle, thanks SO much for the updates! Very helpful. I've ordered my items and will patiently wait. Will see what is left of the collection this week at the flagship.

Angie, no, I never got the JCrew red boots. I wonder if the red of these oxfords is going to be a match. We'll see!

Laura, sounds like my boots are more comfy though - they are workhorses!