I'm on the search for some flat black booties, and this week I received two pairs in the mail. I'm in a bit of a quandary about what to do. What I really want is a pair of somewhat refined black flat booties that I can wear with skinnies and a blazer to work, but I'd also love a pair of more rugged flat booties that I can kick around in, especially on days when the weather is not stellar. I am not kind to shoes, so having an extra pair that I can really beat up is not a bad idea. (I have already worn the burgundy Bella-Vitas about 8 times and they are starting to get scratched up around the heel.)

Mango high shaft chelseas: I like these a lot and am considering keeping them for a kick-around boot. They were cheaper ($120) and I like the style but it's not the most refined boot ever. The leather is okay but not the greatest, and for me, the shaft is a bit on the high side for a flat boot -- it feels a little more masculine (left foot and pic 2, below). To me, it seems like a more trendy Chelsea, but it is comfortable because the footbed is wide. These feel good on and I am tempted to keep them for rainy days and kicking around because they have a nice rubber sole. However, they are very similar to the Everlanes, which I just ordered (see below).

Louise et Cie Valentine: I really like these -- they are beautiful (pic 3), and you can cinch the ankle if you want to, although that does necessitate undoing the buckle to get them on, and then redoing it.These slip when I walk so I am not keeping, sadly.

Next up, the Everlane Chelsea. These are a refined chelsea and I can see living in these -- although that would probably mean they will get too beat up to wear for work. And I guess that is okay, as I can just wear my heeled booties to work in.

Hope these reviews are helpful. If you have any thoughts / ideas, let me know.

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