Thanks Echo, Notsaf and Stylefan. When Birks work, they really work..

I am looking forward to getting some again!!

I'm a fan of the Arizonas and the Mayari. I've owned the Madrid but found it did not stay on my foot that well and that it made a loud slapping sound when walking. (Because there is no support around the instep.)

I've never owned a Gizeh but my SIL swears by them.

I have a few pairs of birks. Brown Arizona, black Madrid with hot pink sole, orange Madrid with ultra wide strap and black Florida. I have tried the Gizeh but find them very uncomfortable. My fave are the Madrid and I have had them for many years. However I don’t find them great for out and about. They are hard to keep on the foot and if you have to run or walk quickly they may be a bit unreliable in terms of staying on the foot. I love my Florida ones and the Arizona are amazing as well.

I wear a pair of black soft-footbed Floridas as house shoes in the spring and summer. I have a pair of blue suede soft-footbed Bostons on order and will see how they work as fall-winter house shoes. And I have an older pair of silver regular-footbed Granadas that I use as travel slippers sometimes (they're narrow width and my wide, high volume feet are more comfortable in the regular width; so the Granadas have been relegated to occasional wear when visiting relatives, etc.).

I like Birkenstocks for wearing as house shoes. But I don't find them comfortable to walk in. For a similar style of sandal for walking, I much prefer the Mephisto Helen Plus, which has a slight elevation in the heel that makes walking easier for me.

Thanks Danskogirl - good to get another point of view.

Thanks Glory - I am leaning to the Arizona as I think the comfort level will suit me the best. Hoping to get into a store tomorrow to check them out.

Thanks Cocolion - it seems the Madrid may be the least comfortable from a few comments.

Here are a few of the dresses and bottoms I would wear with birkenstocks- they will emphasize my calves in the midi dresses I think.