Warning:   Long post, if you are short on time, maybe read the first three sections and then skip down and you can see the last of my S/S purchases with a few old purchases mixed in.)

It has been a full years worth of seasons for me now since I began my closet clean-out.  Now that it's June 1st, I have decided to stop shopping completely until I need to do some minor updating for fall.  That means at least 8 weeks and hopefully 10 weeks if I can manage it.  By no shopping I mean no clothing other than to replace something if it is destroyed.  (I would have to replace my running shoes for example, and my perfume, and cosmetics if they run out, etc.).  I am including shoes in this no shopping ban.  I am strongly committed to it, and am certain I can be successful.

I have been very happy with what I purchased over the past  8-10 months, but especially for Spring/Summer.  I think it took me until mid winter to really hone down my style sense well enough and them even a bit longer to learn some more about what was working well and what wasn't.  (Not that I have it perfect, but I believe I understand it well enough now to move forward with fewer errors).   I made some pre-June spending freeze, purchases this weekend to round out my wardrobe, and I believe I am in a good place now to sit back and do some careful assessment.  I have no idea which of these items will work and if they are like any of my previous online orders, I will end up returning 2/3.  A few of the items I purchased today at our mall however, so I know they fit well and work with the rest of my wardrobe.  (See below for pictures of most of what I have on order)

To help me with the assessment of my clothing, I set up a tracking system, after trying several, and I have become adjusted to it well enough that I am ready to start using it on a regular basis.  I hope I learn more about the number of items I really need to own to create what I consider to be enough variety, while maintaining a reasonable cost per wear, and trying to be environmentally friendly.

In my shopping spree this weekend:

1.  I purchased a wide pink-red belt to wear around my waist, from my new favorite store WHBM.  It's a great color with a lot of my wardrobe.  

2. I purchased a BCBG dress, which looks like a boxy sack until it is belted with my new wide belt.  Then it turns into a long very beautiful blouse.  I love it!  It was creative inspiration while walking through the mall.  Something made me think it would work, and it did.  I'm going to wear the ensemble over skinny jeans - of course.

3. I was low on patterned scarves in my color palette, so I purchased one from Anne Taylor,  and I ordered two online from Nordstrom's.  I hope they work out because I love the colors.

3.  I have continued my search for dresses.  I tried on a Calvin Klein maxi dress at Macy's today, but it was too dressy for work.  Then I ordered the three maxi dresses below and hope that at least one of them will be work appropriate.  I know I have one already in grey and white stripe, but I want one that is colorful, loose and flowy for very hot days.

4. White/off white sheath dresses and variations on that theme are my signature look for S/S.  I have purchased four of them. (All below)  I think they are different enough that I will not be splitting wears.  I also have several two other sheath dresses.  I think its my best silhouette in a dress, but I'm still trying to find others.  Every once in a while, I get lucky and something magically works.

5.  I have been adding to my pencil skirt collection and when a light navy leather pencil skirt went on sale that I had been stalking for a while, I pushed the purchase button.  It isn't hemmed at the bottom, but it looks long enough that I can hem it if I want to.  Maybe the raw edge will work out?

 I am also adding one off season sweater pencil skirt.  I had been looking for one in the winter, but couldn't find one, I hope this one is heavy enough to work in colder weather. I also added a J Crew wrap pencil skirt which I really love. This skirt looks great!    The 1 State pencil skirt and the tube skirt are a bit of a gamble in my mind.  I'm not sure if they will work well or not.  I thought I would try them and see.

6.  When I saw that the 1 State skirt had a peplum top, I realized I could possibly create yet another variation on my white sheath theme so I ordered that also.

7.  After reading Angie's post about uni-leg Maxi Skirts, I looked around and loved this Young Fabulous Broke skirt which appears to be in my palette.  Then I found some tee's at Macy's that I think will look good with it.  The blues may not be the same, but I purchased the tee in white and in blue with a plan to decide once I see the skirt.  Maybe I won't like the skirt but I will keep one of the tee's.  I already tried them on and know they are winners.

8.  I found a gingham shirt at J Crew that I like.  It's the first one that I've ever thought looked good on me in terms of the color.  Gingham can be too high contrast, this one for whatever reason just worked.  My friend who was with me when I found it also liked the purple one, but I liked this one best.

10.  I purchased a wild card item.  It was a green fringe crop top from BCBG.  I wouldn't normally associate fringe with my style, but it's so fun, and it looks great with the J Crew navy wrap pencil skirt. 

11.  I had returned the EF Oval Cardigan pictured below because it was too drapey but I liked the color and when I saw the Kimono version, thought that perhaps it would work better for me because it has better defined sleeves.  I am also loving my sleeveless Bobeau vests so I decided to try the 1 State sleeveless long jacket that looks vest like to me.

12.  Shoes:  I ordered some Ghillie flats from Top Shop.  This was a trip down memory lane.  I wore the same type of shoe on a trip I took in Europe when I was in college and they were so comfy.  I also ordered the Fly London Yesk sandals in a third color, cognac.  They may be my all time favorite summer shoes besides my Birkenstock Florida's.  

13.. I made one last very large, and hopefully thoughtfully curated special gift purchase for myself.  (I have no idea if it will fit?)  A Jason Wu sheath dress.  I have been coveting this dress for a while now and when I saw that it was on sale my eye's popped out because there was one in my size left and that almost never happens.  I love love the color of coral, which is definitely in my palette.  

So here I go,  no more spending for the next 10 weeks!   

Tracking outfits, and making use of what I already have!  

I can do this right?!  

(If you have read all this thanks, I know it's long)