Reflecting on last years shopping bonanza.. (ugh..). What was the winners in terms of longevity and quality? What turned out to be stupid mistakes?

Some of my thrifted gems have already proven to be strong as iron. I love thrifting for this very reason. What you see is what you get, pre-washed, pre-shrunk garments in all their true glory. No surprises here.

I am most disappointed in some of my fast-fashion picks. Some fell apart during the FIRST WEAR! Unheard of!! Money down the drain (and landfill clutter ).

I have learned that woven fabrics in viscose+polyester+elastane guarantees quick pilling. Regardless of price point.

Knit fabrics in pure polyester is also awful. Pilling and fraying instantly. Woven poly works better, and has actually impressed me!

Knits in blends CAN work. I think key here is looking for nylon or polyamide, and steer clear of acrylic or polyester again.

100% viscose proved it self a terrible idea. I guess it can work if you commit to hand-washing only, but the garments shrink in every direction and loose their shape.

Viscose is a fabric I don't quite get. I have an old knit top in viscose and elastane which is sublime, has been through countless washing cycles, and still looks fabulous. Then I went about and bought another top in presumably the very same fabric, but it frayed and tore imidealtly. The first top was from a fancy brand, but not super expensive, the latter dirt cheap from a high street store. You get what you pay for, I guess?

Added some of my shopping mistakes in terms of terrible quality. (1-5).

Also some of the stellar winners. 100% cotton denim is wonderful, regardless of price point. I am pleased to have found sturdy blazers at second-hand shops in amazing quality (even with polyester blends). (6-9)