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Munro American low heeled black booties - my feet & back are thanking me!

Theory cascading long cardigan - which came with me on all my business travels. Kept me cozy and comfy on the plane, warm in the meetings, and I even pressed it into service for use as a robe in the hotel. I've dressed it up. I've dressed it down. I've worn it over pants and jeans and dresses. A workhorse.

Cognac Clare V foldover clutch - love it. Simple clean lines. Just the right size. Gorgeous touchable leather. Works with everything. Fits in laptop bag for business travel.

Wildcard: the Rag & Bone sweatpant jeans. Really never would have thought it, as I'm not really a jeans person and especially not a distressed jeans person. So fun! And COMFY!

Not clothes, but investing in Eagle Creek Packit's was a very good purchase as well as upgrading my spinner bag to one with better wheels.

I could list a bunch of other things -- I'm in love with my closet right now -- but these got the most use, and will be getting the most use in the future.

Best non-purchase: organizing my closet differently.

So many great purchases! I must stop collecting the Finds though:-)

There seem to be lots of shoes making the list. Several favorites were pants/jeans. A few of you found some amazing blazers. There were very few non-gear tops/sweaters on the list...Laura had one, Suz had a couple. I know I bought a lot of sweaters this year. I wonder if that's the reason one or two didn't rise to the top?

Firecracker, those metallic booties are killer.

Laura, oh my, you have so many clear winners! How awesome. I also love that you have already targeted several items that you expect to be 2015 favorites.

Approprio, the handbag is too cute! I love that it helped you nail down your style direction for the coming year.

Carla, I would so love to find a pair of white pants that could make my MVP list. Love that you found 2 pairs. And of course those loafers...

kkards, love the sneakers! Glad you kept the ponte pants. I have considered getting rid of things before that I thought I was over and then ended up wearing them non-stop. Kinda makes me a bit leery about purging.

kimmyg50, I don't think I've said welcome yet, so welcome! How impressive that you had 3 all-stars this year!

Joyce, great winners on your list. I think you hit the nail on the head for me. I need to think in a practical way about my purchases. That's exactly what I did with my two winners, but with the rest of my purchases....not so much. Hmmm.

Suz, 5 miles/day in street shoes? I end up doing this on only the busiest of work days. I am so impressed that this is an everyday thing for you. Love the sweater! Love that you had two tops make the list. And the pewter sandals...the first time I saw you in those, I knew I needed a pair. Could. not. find. them. anywhere in my size. So hoping they bring them back this Spring!

Thistle, I love that your best purchases were bought for specific reasons and for a specific time frame. I also love the animal print love. You must find some new animal print shoes when your feet return to pre-pregnancy normal.

Tex, I am going to have to get some slip on sneakers in 2015. They're just so cute.

Jackie, I love that you could highlight some all-stars but also feel like you had so many good, thoughtful purchases this year. That's how I would hope 2015 would end for me.

Janet, that amazing coat! Of course that's your best purchase. I love that it's having an impact on your preferred silhouette...a real game changer for you.

Karie, more Boston and more blazer success! Both fab choices, and you wear blazers so well.

Staysfit, from fab purses to gear type boots! Love it. I have a thing for the zip henleys as well. I have several in my loungewear/dog walking capsule.

Shiny, your long cardi sounds absolutely indispensable! What an amazing purchase. Also, another vote for sweatpants jeans. I love that you're in love with your closet right now...that's my goal for 2015.

I've been working to find versatile basic essentials this year and those have been my best purchases. Some examples are a utility blouse from the Loft which I've already duplicated, cotton shorts from Style and Co at Macys and thanks to YLF comments and recommendations, Kut from the Kloth Mia skinny jeans. I'd have to say my overall feeling in regard to these purchases is relief. I tended to have a number of stand alone pieces that either worked well together or not, and it's been helpful to get these essential basics in place.

Hands down..Eileen Fisher tights with a little skirt...Dress up with heels and booties, dress down with sneaks and flats...Add bling...instant holiday...add sweatshirt..instant casual...How did I live without this little sweetie?....

I've purchased several really useful items this year...

For starters, my Cobb Hill boots are very comfortable and get more wear than any other boots I own. I have very fussy feet that demand comfort. These boots deliver!

When the weather warms up, I look forward to wearing the Gentle Souls ballet flats that Gryffin so easily talked me into buying. I also bought some Cobb Hill sandals (both casual and for work) that will be great for summer. I bought them at the end of August, and have already worn them a bit.

For outerwear, I use all of the ones I bought, but my favorite is the light amethyst North Face one.

I love all of the dresses I found:

3 wrap dresses (1 Pendleton, 1 Liz Claiborne and 1 from Stein Mart),

an eShakti dress that has a very fitted bodice and a flared skirt,

and a classic dark navy tweed BR sheath dress that's very versatile and can be styled several different ways.

I have gotten a lot of wear out of the black NYDJ ankle pants I bought from Amazon. I just bought some ivory NYDJ leggings (really just skinny jeans) that I know will get a lot of wear.

Lastly, I needed sweaters and bought some from Lands' End that appear to be great quality. I also picked up a nice dark navy and ivory striped long-sleeved knit top from Talbots to wear underneath the BR sheath and with other outfits.

If I can pick only one thing, I would pick my Sofft sandals. I almost didn't buy them. But it's a good thing I did, because I started taking ballroom dancing lessons, and these shoes work very well for dancing. I don't have the money to buy dancing shoes right now, so if I didn't have these sandals, I don't know what I would have done!

carter, thank you for this thread. It made me realize that most of my purchases this year were utilitarian and not about fun or falling in love with an item.

The most useful (and most used) items:

- Abercrombie and Fitch mid-rise baby bootcut jeans in both dark and light washes (their jeans, for some reason, fit me well)
- Columbia Omni Heat Minx snow boots
- Basic ON perfect tees and Gap pure body tees. Soft tees make me happy!

The most fun items:

- Mercanti Fiorentini t-strap flats in beige/black
- A pair of H&M skinny satiny cotton pants in tan from their summer collection

I got both towards the end of the summer so didn't get to use them as many times as I would have liked. Now I'm trying to figure out if the flats could go with tights.

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Gwennie, it sounds like you've done great job on gathering essentials this year. Getting dressed is so much easier when these key pieces just work right!

Crutcher, is that the EF skirted leggings that Janice of Vivienne Files is always talking about?

BC, you really scored with a bunch of winners this year. Awesome job! I'm looking up Cobb Hill boots now...

Gigi, those are the perfect dancing shoes! In fact, they look perfect for most things.

KM, do you think it's a good thing that most of your purchases were utilitarian rather than about falling in love with an item? I do. Perhaps it's not as much fun in the purchase process, but I imagine it leave you with far fewer regrets at the end of the year. Love the flats! The link goes to some UGG boots. I would love a link to the flats if you get a minute. Thanks!

Carter, this is a great thread! My best purchase of the year was also utilitarian - an inky blue Columbia snow jacket, which is ultra-warm and cozy, as flattering as a snow jacket can be, and is already getting more than enough wear. Greatest love would be the black and white print BR wrap dress I got to wear for my 40th. Style goal for 2015, based on this thread - only buy things I really need OR really love, as these are clearly the ones that are worth it

Yes, TG! That's my wardrobe goal for 2015 as well. I think I need to be really specific about my needs. "Sweaters for work" results in lots of sweaters that are good for work but nothing indispensible. Whereas, a "jacket that keeps me warm and dry for dog walking, has plenty of pockets for poop bags/phone/etc and is easy to throw on over whatever I'm wearing" gets me my number one pick for the year. Hope I've learned something from this!

I'm gonna split this into categories, I'm really happy with a lot of things this winter!

HEWI: My black docs that are the softer leather and have fur lined shafts, something I've wanted for awhile but was afraid of the doc break in. With the "sissy docs" the break-in was minimal and I wear them several times a week.

2nd HEWI: BF jeans-- these are actually straight leg jeans from the GAP that I sized up in. I love the fit, and they are super comfortable and get worn at least once a week.

AN OLD FAVORITE RETURNS: The two flannel shirts I've purchased. I love flannel and owned several for years and finally tossed the last one. I'm glad they are back, because they are button downs I can actually stand to wear in winter.

A CLASSIC: Bought the first jean jacket I've owned in 10 years and it was a total all-season workhorse, despite the fact I wear a ton of denim. My army jacket also is very "me" and has gotten a ton of wear.

THE WILDCARD: My Hipsi belt. I haven't owned a belt in ages and knew I should try one with the looser denim shillouettes. I wear this about half the week, every week. Thank you Viv!

2ND WILDCARD: The Sam Edelman bag that BJ suggested! I bought it in black and white and it is well-made and looks great with my winter coat.

IDK if there is a lesson in all of this, since I have a mix of old favorites and HEWIs mixed with things I might never have tried otherwise. Basically, listen to myself but keep and open mind, and shop for more TOPS in 2015.

Yes,,,it is the same from Vivienne files..I should have added a link...blush..

Hello Carter, all of above posts are great summary for 2014.
I have no good thing to show, maybe I should make a good plan for buying.


oopsie about the link! I corrected it in the original post and also here it is:

I bought them in the Spring and I'm not sure they're in stock anymore at DSW, but perhaps they can be found elsewhere.

At first, when I typed the answer to your post, I felt a bit sad about the utilitarian character of my purchases, because in the past it would bring me so much joy to "hunt" for the perfect item that made my heart beat, the item bought out of passion and not (only) need. My budget has become tighter in the last couple of years and that's why, I think, I felt sad.

However, after reading your answer, I cheered up. You're totally right that there's less regret (and guilt) in the utilitarian purchases. I wish I could marry both. Your post makes me want to be more mindful of this in the coming year.

Elly, I think it's awesome you have so many all-stars. I know you intentionally keep a small wardrobe. How amazing that you have filled it with so many winners!

Crutcher, thanks for the link. Everyone who has hese seems to love them. Maybe 2015 is the year I give them a try...

Scarves, you and I both need a good plan for 2015!

KM, thanks for the shoe link. I'll keep an eye out for them next cute! I think "workhorse" is really a more apt name than "utilitarian", but whichever, I need more of them and fewer of "Ooooh, so pretty!". I think I'll be focusing my needs list items on how exactly I need them to work for me within my current wardrobe. I have many pretty regrets...don't want any next year:-)

I'm loving reading everyone's favorite purchases, and I'm reminded of another one of mine: The dress I bought for my nephew's wedding last June. Suz recommended this dress from J.Crew, and even though I thought it wouldn't fit (dresses never fit me, the waist is always off) I took myself down to our local J.Crew and tried it on. IT FIT! Well, the bust of course needed alteration (too big, story of my life) but the waist was exactly where it should be.

Which brings me to mentioning one of the things I LOVE about YLF: All the advice and recommendations. Many of my favorite items are ones I first learned about here, either from an Angie's recommendation, or on the recommendation of another forum member. A great big "Thank You" to all of you!

I lost my first reply.
My favorite purchase this year was an EF dress in two colors. I first saw the dress on Shannon and then it was an Angie pick. I can see myself wearing these for years.
My other favorite is leggings with faux leather inserts.
In 2015 I hope to refine my dominate season. I am satisfied with my fall/winter wardrobe and I hope to be just as happy with my spring/sumner wardrobe.

I found this quite difficult to answer, cuz 2014 started almost a year ago! And I have purchased a LOT. It was easy to think of new favourites, but I wanted to go back and give last spring/summer a fair shot.

So I went back... and decided I have a few best purchases, I hope that's ok. The first was the AG Nikki's. My first pair of premium denim jeans, and I LOVE them. I didn't have them long before they got put away for the summer, but they are back in full force now. The length makes them more versatile than my BF's, and they have enough slouchyness to still be comfortable despite a weight gain.

Second is my EF drape front dress. Once I bought this, the four other black summer dresses I had, didn't get worn. This was a lightbulb for me... the RIGHT piece saves many other not-so-right! Hopefully I'll remember this going forward.

Third is the silver Trina Sam Edleman sandals. Wore these a TON in the summer. They completely replaced my black, and my need for navy (always hard to find) sandals. I suspect I'll always have a silver pair in my wardrobe from now on.

And finally... a total surprise. My new Lululemon cardigan. I went into the store to look at sports bras, and saw this on a mannequin on the wall. It came home with me, and I think it has been worn half a dozen times since. It goes to work, for errands, and is cozy for an evening at home. Workhorse!

Great question, and I enjoyed the thinking process of what I would choose, and why. Yet more personal style illumination.

I have 3:
1. Kamik snow boots! Same ones as Una. They are just so fabulous. They look good with most casual items and you can rely on them keeping your feet warm and dry.
2. Sleeveless top with lips. Was a wild card that I ended up wearing so often in the spring and summer.
3. Skinny jeans from Joe Fresh. I found these and they ended up being a perfect fit for me. Not too tight and enough stretch to be extra comfy working at a desk all day long. I ended up buying 3 pairs so I could keep one in reserve.

Like Debbie and Elizabeth, my EF drape front dresses (I have it in both black and in blue) are the front runners. In fact I would name Eileen Fisher MY designer of 2014 - lol!

I have to given an honorable mention to my olive green cargo pants and my black/white ballerina tee - they have been absolute work horses for me across all seasons.

And for footwear, my black Chelsea boots have become my new standard that all others need to live up to.

My Frye Melissa Button with the zipper down the back... these are so pretty, the first time I wore them a woman asked to touch them, saying the leather was just so beautiful!

I want to join this thread! But I have a weird brain. It doesn't timestamp. It's an exercise in deductive reasoning to figure out what I got this year. Isn't that weird?

Every coat I've bought has been getting a good work out: Bernardo puffer, Trina Turk cocoon, ankle puffer, Kmart Niki Minaj (sp?) 3-in-one quilted coat...

I got a very useful tweedy four-piece suit from H&M.

There were a lot of "sweater blouses" that I got early on that were very useful... .they will probably come out again in January.

I got some heeled oxfords that I love so much, I have to put them on restricted use - to make them last a little while.

In the summer - I loved the cricket sweater Annagybe turned me on to and the faux leather overalls that Mo found for me (which I think were from 2014, but may have been late 2013). I also got some cute skater-like dresses, but didn't get enough chance to wear them (cold summer).

Ok, wait... I haven't picked out a best purchase yet...

LOVE seeing all of the pics! I actually just bought a long cardi online, inspired by shiny.

Two types of purchases have totally evolved my wardrobe. First, traditional buys: I got some Toms wedges from Nordstrom (will post pic later!) that really take my casual outfits to the next LEVEL. Also bought my first Louboutins. They aren't really THAT unique, but have sparked some great conversations that led to friendships, connections, etc.

Also, subscribed to a few subscription boxes. Le Tote (for clothes), Rocksbox (for jewelry), and Birchbox (for everything in between). They all keep me on-trend, even ahead of the curve sometimes, and have introduced some super fun looks and styles to me that I otherwise would never have tried. Jewelry especially - I usually wear the cheap stuff, but I've gotten a few designer statement pieces I LOVE and always get compliments on from Rocksbox. Wearing a French Connection sweater from Le Tote now

This is such a fun thread!

Without a doubt, my best purchase of the year was the Topshop black quilted clutch I got back in January. I don't know what I would do without it! The cost per wear is down close to $1.00 and it's still going strong!

I have LOVED seeing everyone's best purchases for 2104! I'm hoping to have a much harder time deciding on my MVPs for 2015. Hopefully they'll all be winners.

LOL at Rachylou and the brain that doesn't timestamp! I so have that problem as well.

Sam Edelman Petty Boot in Putty! I finally decided to give booties a try after years of being convinced they would do nothing for me being on the shorter side. I also ventured away from black shoes. So glad I did. These booties are a great basic.

I've been thinking about this a lot, and have decided that the prize must go to my white ankle strap heels. They go with everything and add just the right amount of refinement and femininity to outfits.

They are by far my most frequently worn item this year. I see that many people have listed shoes as their MVP - I think there's a lesson there for me in budget allocation and spending priorities!

I absolutely love this purse. It was an Angie recommendation from NAS. I have another MZ Wallace bag that I like so I thought I would try this one. It has been my favorite. It's lightweight. It holds everything I need, and I love the color and proportions. It manages to go with just about everything. It has become a little dirty, but it wipes clean easily. I love the two outer pockets. I use one for my cell phone, and one for my keys. I hate digging for my keys when I need to get into my house or car.

I have a close second in my Aquatalia Rhumba Boots. I love these, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. They make any dress look so elegant. The only reason they are second is because I wear them less often than I use the purse. My favorite pairing so far is with my DVF Linda sweater dress. I felt great and I know I looked great.