For outfit-building reasons, I am looking for a light neutral to be able to wear near my face. I have heard here that there is a shade of every color for every person, and yet I am struggling to find one. To make things easier, I am happy to go with a shade of white, cream, tan, pink, apricot, whatever, just as long as it reads as light.

I have dark brown hair with reddish/orange undertones, but the front is starting to grey, so may look slightly ashy right near the scalp. I have pale skin, and I have never been able to determine whether I am warm or cool. I thought for a long time I was warm, but warm foundations are always too yellow for me (I use neutrals if I ever wear foundation at all), and I seem to look fine in either yellow or white metals.

My best colors seem to be highly saturated, bright jewel tones - not muted. Pastels are usually a disaster on me, and my absolute worst color is pale blue - I look like death warmed over in pale blue. I'd LIKE for a pale pink of some sort to work, but those usually end up looking pretty bad on me, too. Pale grey isn't a big fan of me, either, and yellow is awful. Maybe very pale colors just don't work for me at all?

I've attached two pictures, for all the good they'll do. Upon looking through photos I have of myself, I can look extremely pale, extremely pink or extremely yellow, depending on the lighting. I have virtually no pictures of myself wearing anything but black. It may not be the most flattering color, but it isn't awful for me, either, I don't think (?).

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