Beautiful, Suz! And congratulations on the book!

Fantastic dress on you Suz! Love the whole outfit.

You look absolutely fantastic - so nice to see you! And cannot wait to hear more about the book, very exciting!

Is there no dress shape that doesn’t suit you?You look amazing in this shirt dress,it’s got a real vintage fashion glamour vibe to it.

You look très élégante.

Thanks so much for your kind words. The dress is so wonderful. The quality of the fabric is so much higher than you might expect at this price point. There is a reason Angie duplicated (and now I am wishing I had duplicated, too!)

The reason I didn't duplicate (and also the reason I haven't worn the dress until now) is that it is a spring/ summer/ early fall item for my current (coastal) climate. In Ontario, I'd have almost no opportunity to wear a dress like this (unless I worked in an air conditioned office, which I don't). Southern Ontario summers are far too hot and humid to wear a dark, sleeved, waisted dress. You must be joking! And autumn weather tends to be crisp and cool when it isn't hot. As for winter -- forget it! And spring barely exists -- you can go from -10 to +25 in a matter of a week.

The second reason I hadn't worn it yet was that I just didn't have the right occasion. It was pure joy to wear, though, so I'll be wearing it a lot more in the next few weeks!

Looks great- and welcome to extreme climate, isn't it fun! Love the leopard clutch

Stunning - classic but with a super modern twist. I love it.

Hey Suz! Gorgeous dress, and I love the purse.

What a lovely classic dress! You look gorgeous.

Congratulations with finishing your book! What kind of book did you write?

Lovely! YLF! I like the touch of leopard.

Beautiful! Missed your outfits

Lovely! So I glad I get to enjoy this dress on you and Angie, since it didn't work out for me!

You look wonderful Suz. It’s good to see you back.

Great look and so nice that you got to wear it! Enjoy the better weather on the west.

It looks amazing Suz and I feel the same about being benched. The way I shop now, I need both.
I especially love the little bag with it. And congrats on your book!