I own one skinny belt. I should try it with an open sweater or jacket over it. I look thicker from the side than the front, so belts do me no favors in side view.

I have an extremely long torso and generally need a belt to hold my pants up unless they are extremely high rise. I never ever match my belt to my top since it is leg lengthening that I need. I used to tuck, but with a thickening waist I am more likely to semi-tuck.

The Finds below are my most recent purchases. The cognac one hasn't arrived yet and I will see how it goes with my shoes and a bag before I make my final decision. Oh, and these are but a tiny fraction of my belts. I still have more scarves than belts, but since Angie said she believes in filling belt loops, I have acquired quite a few more belts.

Yup; Team Belt.

I wear one almost every day (whenever I'm wearing jeans). I love them for adding interest to an outfit. I need to add to/ upgrade my collection, as a matter of fact. Thanks for reminding me.

SUZ glad to help;-)
SMITTIE- sounds like you are right in the middle- interesting.
TEX and DONNA you both have beautiful collections- you are accessory queens
BARBARA and BONNIE I guess you are joining the club of belts doing no favors.
JANET- closet decoration is exactly the right term
Thanks for sharing

I see belts as an occasional necessary evil. I do like my black belt very much, but I just don't like wearing it. I can never figure out what to do with the top.

Love how they look (especially wide ones) on long-waisted me and love how they function on keeping up my trousers. But they're not very comfy and so it's more of a love/hate relationship.

Love them, but they have to be right for my body. Neither narrow nor very broad, but a medium width. And not stiff. Preferably kind of curvy.

I wore them back in the 90s with my corporate suits, and they belonged firmly on Angie’s fashion mistakes post . Short waist+light blouse+dark suit skirt with no belt loops=fussy fashion don’t!

I discovered Hipsi belts and use those for keeping my pants up comfortably. But YLF has nurtured a tiny spark of belt love, if I follow certain rules: Mid rise, match the the belt color to the top, and I’m still working on the semi tuck.

Lots of great ideas and Finds in this thread!

I don't look good with tucked tops, so I avoid belts as much as possible. If I do tuck a top, since I'm short-waisted, I often have to puff it out a bit so it drapes over my waist anyway. I do very occasionally use a belt as an option for giving a sack dress shape in the summer. That's about it. If I even currently own a belt for use with pants and jeans, I couldn't even tell you where I'm keeping it!

I don't like tucked tops, and I don't like to wear belts (except on coats--I like them on my winter and dress coat). I'm a thin rectangle, and belts make me look even less curvey. They bulk my waist so there's not even a hint of an indent (ie waist-erasing not waist-defining). Plus, if they're comfortably snug when I sit, they're loose when I stand. So overall uncomfortable/too fussy for me/on me.

I admit to some belt-envy as I see others wear them so (apparently) effortlessly.

Live belts, have collected a slew, some for a specific outfit and others “ because “ it looks like a color and style that’s me.

BUT have worn fewer and less often in past decade, so need to cull. Like others, I have fear of tossing the EXACT belt I’ll need later. That includes style/ color but also the perfect lengths, though it’s time to for sure let go of most of those XS !

So, again as per others, I can identify some enduring qualities that could help me sort— medium to medium- narrow widths, not too stiff or the will ride up or stick out in front. in fact I have a number of woven leather belts for this reason- flexible, shape- fitting.

I also like self- or covered buckles a lot, so hang onto those.

I now have s wardrobe hole for a super- skinny black belt for a specific pair of WHBM pants with below- waist, tiny belt loops— came with a fabric tape-like tie for a belt. I used an existing skinny belt until it tore apart!

I wear belts through pant loops only these days (with a tuck or semi-tuck), though I do have two very soft leather obi belts that I'll occasionally wear with a dress. Overall less than I used to, a little less suited to my current style preferences.

CINDY- lol- I just see them as evil- no necessary about it:-)
MAC isn’t it sad when you want to love something but it doesn’t love back
CAT & UNFRUMPED great that you have figured it out- I’m jealous
KAREN that hipsi i belt seems real popular - will have to check it out
CHRISTINA- yes on dresses but with real issues
CLARA we are having you join our fussy club;-)
AIDA yes sometimes style preference change to accommodate how we feel about items......like belts- lol
Thanks for sharing

I don't mind belts, but I have a hard time finding ones that I really like. I have only a few that I really enjoy. Most of the ones I see are too polished for me. So I've been going without belts lately. My pants seem to stay up well enough without them.

I'm a hate. Very thick waist these days and don't wish to highlight it in any way!

GiIGI I was very particular about belts too then decided it’s not worth it.
JENNI- join team no way

I've never liked wearing belts. I find them uncomfortable and fussy. I have a few and occasionally wear them, but it's very seldom. I don't purge them because they don't take up much space and on the rare occasions I need one, they're useful to have around.

SARA- smart- the minute you get rid of them you will need them- lol

I love belt. My newest obsession is my old OBI belt!