I love seeing you two in action. Inge, I'm glad you captured the pair hard at work/play

Love these photos!! Thanks for sharing

#5 - emotion captured on camera! Thanks for the wonderful pictures Inge/Greg/Angie!

@Inge: Such great photos! You're giving Greg a run for his money.

Greg, it's so much fun to see you in action (for once)! I think I see a dimple on your cheek! You and Angie look so sweet smiling at each other.

There they are ... The celebrity couple ^_^ ... Priceless pic 5! You guys HAVE to frame it! Fantastic pics Inge! And thanks for sharing Greg .... You have impecabble style ... Just like your wife! Those laceless sneaks are awesome!

Angie .... You sound like a teen head over heels in love with her new found love .... Too cute! Talking about dimples .... Aren't they cute on men? DS2 has them ... And he looks super adorable when he smiles! Now I know why all the fabbers who met Greg find him charming

What fun to see you in action, Greg. Good job, Inge!!!

Thanks for all the kind words.

Karie, I actually just described my camera bags on Elly's thread. That particular bag is the Incase DSLR Sling Pack.

Inge took these photos with my older Nikon D90 and a 50mm lens. I switched to your side though and I'm using a Canon 5DIII.

Oh, these are fabulous photos! Inge takes a good picture. Love #5 and I like the one where Angie is in the distance doing the victory sign! Wonderful outtakes.

I'm glad the YLF photography department let these photos be posted! Very fun and interesting behind the scenes look at a blog photoshoot. Well done, Inge!

Thanks for posting these, Greg. And thanks so much everyone for all the kind words. (Angie, I had a hunch you would like a few "Greg pics";-)

I had a ball snapping these photos. It was SO much fun to see Angie and Greg in action during a YLF photo shoot. They are completely in sync, work very efficiently and fast, yet it feels relaxed and there is always time for smiling off-camera too (love it that I managed to capture that in the photos!). Also, they have such an excellent eye for which details, colours, etc. on location work best with the outfit Angie is wearing.

Love, love, love the behind the scenes looks! Thanks for sharing!

WOW !!! These is fantastic ! Thank you Inge for taking them and Greg for sharing. It was just so nice to see the "invisible" man that always delivers for us.