I have a rule that when it comes to jeans they must be super comfortable. This is because I have some jeans that are super comfy and will always revert to those when wearing jeans. It is the same for shoes. I have learnt the hard way... my vote is return for the jeans.

The top is great and definitely boho lite. Super cute with denim or white shorts.

Thanks everyone! I think k they’re not perfect and will defiantly return. They’re not awful either.

Unfortunately, Gap jeans and pants never seem to work on me, even if I size up. The wrong shape for my body or something. I don’t really need jeans anyway, just was keen to try to a new style.

The top can stay. I think they didn’t work with those jeans at all, which initially made me unsure.

Top is great, and the jeans---I just wouldn't tuck with them- if comfortably enough-and still wanted. I can see they fit good(in the hips) but don't "look" that good there especially with the tucks or the half tucks! That's all my 2 cents- but you probably can find some better, too.

I love the top, so pretty and a great colour on you. Am glad you are sending the jeans back.
BTW, I rechecked your profile and think you’ve been the same age for 4 years?! A little young for peri-menopause according to that age...

I like the top...but...I'd be concerned about the layerability of those sleeves (from experience). Not stoked about the jeans.

Christina, I got the M&S ones. They are snug in the belly area so you might need to size up in them if you try. But we often can wear similar styles / from same company so I thought I'd let you know. The length on these are good (for 5'4" ish me). They aren't as exaggerated a balloon as Angie's on her, but my thighs are bigger than hers, proportionately.

Jenni - haha, I’ll change it. I’m 41. Still young but my mother did start menopause around this age.

suntiger - good thought. They are pretty floppy. I think they would go under my chore jacket okay, though.

Thanks, Suz! I will think about whether I want to try those. The cycle of ordering and returning pants and jeans by mail can be tiring too, so I may just hold off till I see what’s offered along these lines in the fall.

I really really like the wash and they look like they fit well.

Christina, I have those jeans and they did stretch out, including the tummy area/button fly front. You might want to wear them around the house a bit and see if they loosen up. I was surprised at how much they stretched, since they are only 1% elastane or something like that. Mine are probably JFE, but so comfortable and I’m a fan of the look.
I think that you look really cute and that top is great!

Ooooh Preppy Pear, that’s interesting. I do have to consider that they are not a true balloon on me, but that may be OK. I’ll wear them a bit this week before I bring them to the UPS drop off. They didn’t pinch, even if the fit is not spot on, so that’s a good sign that maybe they will settle. They’d have gone back already if they pinched.

I see everyone has already commented extensively on both the jeans & the top, so I have a request to make that's perhaps a little different but I hope you'll take it in good faith

Would it be possible to take your photos a little further back, &/ or with the camera a little more straight at eye level? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the current camera angle is kinda looking 'down' on you, which makes it a little difficult to assess the fit of your outfit (see the bottom of the mirror to get an idea of what I mean).

Again, hope it's ok to point that out - & I hope I didn't offend! Of course if you don't see it or it doesn't bother you, then don't feel obligated to change anything in your photos - it's just a suggestion

No worries, Zaeobi. I am admittedly terrible at the photos. I am also used to taking photos in my old tiny bathroom where I couldn’t back up, and I always assume you can’t see details when I’m farther back. :p

The top looks great on you! Perfect for boho-lite summer. I like your nail color too

Haha I hear you - no need to stand on the other side of the room! Just enough so that we can see your whole outfit at an angle that doesn't distort the proportions. I find that cropping my photos before posting also helps in that regard - when they aren't full of empty space to the sides, others can see the details better because the cropping helps to 'zoom in' to the photo, if that makes sense.