Looking festive, including the perfect accessory for the plane. Enjoy your visit!

Thanks, ladies! I’m with my Dad

Yes! Carla, Inge and I will be celebrating Sinterklaas together!

Glad to hear you arrived safely! Have a wonderful time with your dad and Inge! Look forward to your trip report.

Safe travels, Angie. I hope all is well.

I am a little behind in news but glad you arrived and are with your Dad. Enjoy your visit.

Have a nice trip! Hope we'll see pics! You are always so radiant when in Holland

You look beautiful in that pic Angie, I love that floral blazer of yours. Wipes are a great idea.
Glad you are there safely with your precious Dad.

Hah! I'm the same with wet wipes :-))

Carla - Sinterklaas decorations and yummy goodies are everywhere in the shops here at the moment! Very fun:-)

Angie, I am sooooooo looking forward to Friday!!

Safe travels! We will miss you. Have a great time!!

Have a fabulous time with your darling papa. Hope he wears that wonderful orange sweater that looks so fab on him. Angie, lots of pictures, please!

Grreetings to you DPapa-and you have such fab cut!:-)

I’m so happy you are spending time with your delightful dad and dear friends. Those are the truest gifts of the season. Wishing you all the merriest!

" Sinterklaas ? "

I hear there's an ointment available.

I bet you are the most stylish person on the plane! What a fun time of year to be in a different city - enjoy!

I flew recently and no one looked anywhere near as fabulous as you! Have a heartwarming trip.