I buy a lot off navy & grey. Lately, I've been adding light, icy purples.

Black is not kind to my complexion, and it also attracts a lot of lint. I still occasionally buy it, but only if it's a spectacular piece.

I stopped buying black clothing about when I found YLF. I have some in my closet that I wear in the winter— Dec to Feb. I currently find it to be practical in tough weather.

I moved away from black a number of years ago. I found it too harsh for my colouring. My wardrobe is based on navy and grey. Still working on editing, but I love it.

I have transitioned to navy and burgundy for similar reasons and it has opened up a lot of other color options to pair with them. I am no longer tempted by black. Golden-brown is a great color and there is so much of it around now.

I have tried to move away from black, but I have found it hard to do. I find black so useful. I know not all blacks are the same, but in my experience, more of my blacks go with each other than do other neutrals I've tried: browns, navies, taupes, grays. All have been frustrating to try to amass and coordinate in my wardrobe. Black remains one of the neutrals I wear pretty often. I do not wear it head-to-toe, though.
My favorite dark neutral is a cool olive, and I have had some luck there. When I see an item that I like in the right olive color family, I buy it, whether it was really on my radar or not. In this way, I've managed to build up a pretty good olive-based collection. I have a bag, a leather jacket, two rain coats, tall boots, trousers, scarves, an umbrella, and lots of tops that work in olive-based capsules. It took several years, during which olive was a popular color and kept popping up in the stores. I've made some mistakes along the way, buying items that weren't quite the right shade and didn't end up fitting in with the others; finally I realized it was easiest just to let them go.

Firecracker that sounds like a solid strategy for building up a color that you like. I’m definitely going to make some budget room for brown items - hopefully I can find things in the color AND silhouettes I need. The more you learn about fashion, the more variables to think about! Lately fabric texture has been on my radar too.

i too am so over black!!!gray charcoal navy are now my go-t's. not everyone looks good in black once we hit a certain age...lol.....