August was a month with a lot more shopping than I intended...... but sometimes that is what happens.

The first addition is a brown polka dot camisole (sale price plus a voucher made it very affordable). It was an impulse buy and I do hope I get some wear from it.

Secondly a mustard blazer was added via TradeMe - second hand. It is Boden and I am wearing it today!! I can think of multiple ways to wear this and blazer, jeans and tee is the perfect outfit for most of my life and most of my weather.

Of course I think I will add a dress as per my other thread and I have a black second hand blazer on the way soon.

On the way out is my leopard print cardigan (stretched out and losing shape) and my olive crops. These look best with tucked tops but are too thin - so the tucking is unflattering on the tummy area. Moving them on.

With the dress, camisole and two blazers I need to cut back on shopping for the rest of the year.

I have the following in need of replacement due to wear
- sunglasses
- swimsuit or bikini
- slides
- cardigan
- a tee

I also want some new fun but practical shoes - sneakers or loafers. I have a few pants and skirts options so don't think these crops will be missed and I won't replace.

Thanks for looking!!